Thursday, December 28, 2006

Internet Connection in Malaysia & Singapore Disrupted.

Waking up at 11am, I login to my MSN and Yahoo this morning. Something seemed wrong as most of my online friends were not around. I also had trouble accessing websites and thought that my PC was infected by a virus. I then restarted my PC and tried to access websites again. To my disappointment the connections were extremely slow and I still could not access certain websites. I then asked a few of those who were online and they too experienced the same problem and I was just wondering whether there was a major virus attack or what.

It was then much later I found out that the slow connection was due to the earthquake that happened in Taiwan on December 26th 2006. Cables were damaged and most of the users in Malaysia and Singapore were affected. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. I just realised that I'm very dependant on the Internet now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nothing Better To Do

Does this make sense? At first I thought it meant, "No Parking. Out!". Looking at it again i think it meant. No ENTRY. Parking Out.

Check out the 'dedication' of our Local Council Officers 'rushing' to work. By the way this was not a 1 way street.

Look at the size of that 'thing'. It kept the gals from going into their room for a good one hour.

Hit the jackpot!!!!! Change at a car park.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wow - Car-napping at Sunway ---> USJ ....

This happened today as I was leaving my house when I came across a young guy and an old Uncle jogging. This old Uncle stopped my car and the young guy walked to the side of my car and asked me to wind down my window. Apparently, this poor young guy was just bundled out from his car blindfolded and with his hands tied. I think he was still shell-shocked and he asked for my mobile phone and called up his brother. I passed on my mobile phone to him and he told his brother to pick him up. Without hesitation I offered to give him a lift to a nearby shopping complex.

He then related his story to me. He had just collected his car (a modified Evo) from a workshop in Sunway. Driving away, he was then stopped at a road block by 3 men who were wearing yellow vests. Thinking they were from the RTD, he stopped his car and stepped down. What happened after that scared the shit out of him. Suddenly he was pushed back into his car by the 3 men and one of them immediately took out a big parang and threaten to slit his throat if he shouted or tried to escape. He was then blindfolded and had both his hands tied with a plastic clip with a parang on his neck taking a few blows along the way. Being driven around for a good 20 minutes, he was then pushed down from his car and when he managed to release himself. Dazed, confused and suffering from shock, he hadn't had any clue where he was.

Driving him to Summit USJ, where his elder brother was supposed to pick him up, he called the police along the way (with my mobile phone of course) and told them about what happened. Imagine to my amazement when I overhead him trying to explain to the police office over and over again how the Evo looks like. "Evo.... Itu kereta putih Sports .... Evo .... eRrrr .. kereta sports apa? Kereta sports Evolution ... Mitsubishi punya.... nombor kerea XXX 38 ". It seemed that the officer has no idea what an Evo was. Anyway it was a harrowing time for him and his face looked so pale. Parked my car at the Summit and as we made our way up the escalator I offered to buy him a drink and gave him RM10 but he politely declined both (probably still stunned by what happened). As he walked away from my sight, I could just not imagine what sort of emotions he had to go through on that 20 minute ordeal

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It was about to rain sometime back awhile ago. I was always fascinated by the formation of clouds and took my digital camera to snap some photos ..

Saw a plane flying just above and took a snapshot of it admiring how it soared in the sky.

To my amazement I saw another plane flying in right after i took the 1st shot. This was no military air show but 2 passenger planes flying ... and possibly heading towards the same direction.

And both planes looked like they were heading towards the same direction

This to me looked more like a military airshow

Control Centre to Plane #1: There's a plane flying alongside you. Divert your course or prepare for a mid air collision.

Separate ways at last.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lost - Rediscovering Myself
Ever been in a scenario where you do not seem to be yourself? Over the past 3 years, I find myself totally lost. Yet to do anything that is considered worthwhile, I've not developed myself the way I want it to be. I'm totally lost for words on what has transpired over the course of the past 3 years. Life for me seems to be an endless struggle. Feeling depressed and suicidal at times, I seek refuge in my own cocoon.
What are our goals in life? What desires are there to fulfil? This may seem to be a meaningless post to some but the fact is that I'm feeling now that I'm not the person I used to be. Life back then was living everyday to it's fullest, no worries and everything will be fine.
But over the past few years things have taken a nose-dive and I'm having trouble coping with it. Reading a friend's blog and after getting some advice from some friends i've barely met and not to forget getting meaningful advice from my loved ones, I've come to the conclusion that life is unpredictable and somewhere along the journey we may get side-tracked at times. Do we have willpower to manouvere ourselves out from a potential downfall? There's every bit of a fighter in us and I'd believe that there is a way out for every road block that we face in life. Look on the bright side, there are millions of people just willing to step in our shoes and face the problems that we are faced with. Stuff like physical disability, war, unrest, incurable diseases comes into mind and the problems that I'm faced with now aren't that big afterall. However this does not mean that i count my blessings due to their misfortune. Given a choice I would rather myself having the problems that i'm facing now by ten fold and taking away what they are coming up against in their lives.

If anyone has an idea on how to take my mind off the problems that I'm faced with, feel free to contribute. Your ideas will be gratefully appreciated.
Dreams and How They Are Related....

Been dreaming alot lately in my sleep. I do not know how dreams relate to what we do in life. Do dreams tells us how we feel? How do we interprete dreams? There were some noteworthy dreams that i've come across the past few weeks. Not one to remember my dreams in the past ... i jotted them down the moment i woke up whereby the memories were still fresh.

Dream #1
A group of about 50 of us guys were brought to Genting in a bus. I was seated all alone. Then suddenly there was a hijack. It was chaos and people started running around. Some could not make it (goodness where were they heading to) and they slipped and fall. I was caught and brought to this castle like area and imprisoned there. We planned to escape and i got the other inmates up and work out an escape plan. Funnily enough the next thing i know was a Woman reeling down who came down to lecture us saying that it's pure Business. After she left I studied the escape route again. It seem tough and gave me a big problem in the end.

Dream #2
Was in my Grandma's house at the kitchen area. Then one of my cousin (who had just recently passed away) said my jersey looked nice. I checked on it and it's a Leeds jersey by UMBRO. THen was jolted by the sound of a garbage truck coming and wanted to open the gate for them. One of the garbage collector said someone had left a Resume and some Betting Slips. Asked for my name and some personal info.

Dream #3
Dreamt that there lots of flirts that I was having. Sharing a kiss with one gal in particular. Going for an overseas trip and took a bus but with no particular destination. Reach Ram's house and saw Mun Sun as well It was his birthday Went downstairs to buy an adidas 2044 ball. Strange but true ...

Dream #4
I was the Chief Inspector in a triad story with alot of pretty girlfriends. There was this particular naked partner that I touched alot in bed during a private moment. Then I could re-call that there were another 2 gals, one of it always praising her boyfriend by the name of Jerry. In this dream I had to shoot alot of criminals .... killing them with precise headshots. Most of the action involved shootouts and I ended up in hospital after the shootout.

Dream #5
I went to UK with CY. Pass by Indian Street in UK and it looked exactly like Malaysia. Went back to our chalet like apartment and I shared a room with my male companion whereas CY shared hers with a female roommate. Took a nap. CY woked me up and was ordered by her to do something. There was a commotion in the market with BIG crabs running around. The next moment I was playing a computer game with CY where she was killing all the bad guys and I was killing the good guys. In fact I was so cruel that I headshot a woman running away from me with a child on hand. The trip was a one week trip at least.

I would appreciate if anyone can interprete what the above dreams mean. I'm kinda lost for words and ideas on what it is all about.