Thursday, December 28, 2006

Internet Connection in Malaysia & Singapore Disrupted.

Waking up at 11am, I login to my MSN and Yahoo this morning. Something seemed wrong as most of my online friends were not around. I also had trouble accessing websites and thought that my PC was infected by a virus. I then restarted my PC and tried to access websites again. To my disappointment the connections were extremely slow and I still could not access certain websites. I then asked a few of those who were online and they too experienced the same problem and I was just wondering whether there was a major virus attack or what.

It was then much later I found out that the slow connection was due to the earthquake that happened in Taiwan on December 26th 2006. Cables were damaged and most of the users in Malaysia and Singapore were affected. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. I just realised that I'm very dependant on the Internet now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nothing Better To Do

Does this make sense? At first I thought it meant, "No Parking. Out!". Looking at it again i think it meant. No ENTRY. Parking Out.

Check out the 'dedication' of our Local Council Officers 'rushing' to work. By the way this was not a 1 way street.

Look at the size of that 'thing'. It kept the gals from going into their room for a good one hour.

Hit the jackpot!!!!! Change at a car park.