Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers The Movie Review

WARNING: For Those Who Have Yet To Watch ... Spoilers Ahead If You Read On

Bloody Cool Poster

Majestic Prime

Someone pinch me please ... I had a wet dream last night and it lasted more than 2 1/2 hours. Some of you may beg to differ but I found Transformers totally out of this world. A movie that is a revelation by itself. Something in the likes or possibly beyond the standards set by Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings. I was like a 10 year old looking in awe admiring everything about the movie. Everything (most of it anyway) about the movie rocked. From the introduction of Blackout, my heartbeat went faster than usual and cheered ecstatically when he transformed and began wiping out everything in sight and right up to the end when Optimus made a call for the remaining Autobots to join them on Earth (add to that when the credits were rolling and Starscream made his escape), I was climaxing all over. Even Mikaela (Megan Fox) and the soundtrack rocked. Here's a list of scenes from the movie that I can't shut off from my mind right now.

Most Memorable Scenes
  1. Blackout annihilating the US base in Qatar.
  2. The Air Force jets coming to the rescue of the survivors form the base in Qatar and fires repeatedly at Scorponok until he 'find a hole to get himself into' (direct translation from Cantonese).
  3. Bumblebee slapping the Volkswagon (A slap in the face for the Executives at Volkswagon). Imagine if Volks have given the rights, the scene will change instead to Bumblebee scanning the new Volks or turning into GoldBug.
  4. The clash between Barricade and Bumblebee. Move aside The Fast and The Furious, you're pawned!
  5. Mikaela nitpicking on the condition of Bumblebee ... Bumblebee then throws them off and gets himself a complete makeover in the form of a new Camaro.
  6. The Autobots landing on Earth and scanning and turning into their Vehicle forms.
  7. Optimus Prime introducing the Autobots to Sam and Mikaela.
  8. Starscream transforming mid air and and at the same time taking out the other F22's.
  9. Bumblebee being escorted by the other Autobots. Reminds me of the Generation 1 War Dawn episode.
  10. Highway chase scene climaxing with Optimus Prime finishing off Bonecrusher with his Energon Sword. Fuiyoh, in my opinion Prime ought to be brutal and display more killer instincts like these. Well .... if he does that, he ain't Prime anymore right?
  11. Megatron (or was it Starscream) 'jentik' away the human being .... while muttering "DISGUSTING". Fucking hilarious!
Grouses (and other Movie References?)
  1. Ladiesman 217? What a loser. Hehehe.... (American Pie)
  2. Sector 7? What a load of bollocks. (X-Files and Men In Black)
  3. Bumblebee has a pee-hole.
  4. Autobots don't need to hide from parents. Ironhide should've just wiped them out and ask questions later (Just imagining.. hehehe...).
  5. Jazz died too pre-maturely and too easily. At least let him die in a blaze of glory. For him to be caught by Megatron and just snapped into 2. WTF???
  6. Our favourite Decepticons, Megatron and Starscream had so little screen time. At last count, Frenzy and Barricade had more screen time than the 2 combined. (Star Wars 1 - Jar Jar Binks VS R2D2 and C3P0)

Prime kicking ass!
Fuck! I was emotionless leaving the cinema (due to the fact I had expressed every expression I have) and I wanna cry writing this. Totally unexplainable the emotions that I went through. This is what I wanna experience with movies .... Thank you Transformers !!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers Aftermath

I want my RM12 back!!!! The pace was so fast that I barely remember what happened. Endless action scenes that comes one after another... kinda hard to keep track... but overall a very enjoyable movie. Hehehe... I guess another visit to the cinemas beckons...

For now, let me catch my breath ....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Transformers Movie Mania

Yes ... I'm like a boy who managed to win in a 'tikam' draw when i finally bought the tickets to watch Transformers this coming Thusday 28th June (27th for TransMy members) ... Yes we get to watch it first thanks to the DVD pirates (FYI the movie is only premiering on 4th July in The States). I can officially now wait for the movie without worrying on whether I'll be able to watch it on the first day. Tickets for the movie started selling since last Friday but according to the staff, there are many tickets stilll available. Hmmmm ... rather than waiting till the last day i quickly snapped up 12 tickets .... hmmm i wonder why it's priced at RM12?

All set for this Thursday

Monday, June 25, 2007

Escapade to Penang Island

WARNING: Long Winded Post Ahead with Lots of Photos

Waking up early in the morning is not difficult for me especially if i have plans set for the entire day. Switching off my alarm at 6:30am, I quickly got myself ready and went to meet up with the rest in the office. This was actually a business cum travelling trip. With Penang being a place where good food is found all over the place, plans were made to stuff and fill ourselves to the brim in order to maximise on our trip. Beginning the journey around 9:00am, we headed towards Ipoh where we had our first pit-stop at Restoran Foh San to 'cari makan'. This restaurant, recommended by our tour guide/driver, specialised on 'Dim Sum' and to be honest is superior to what we are usually served in KL. However according to Jacq (who's an Ipoh girl by the way, there's a better alternative elsewhere that she'll bring me to the next time I drop by to Ipoh).

Our first stop in Ipoh. Foh San.

The Egg Tarts were simply excellent.

Giant Fishballs ... not only they look big in size but the taste is fuckin' good too.

Meal fit for a King.

Dim Sum Girl - "I wanna eat too".

Where you can find Foh San.

After the hearty breakfast we then headed to meet up with our dealers around Ipoh. I was then treated to one of the best coffee around. Bloody good if you ask me.... makes Coffee Bean tastes like Coffee Plain and at RM0.90 per pack .... hands down on which i'll choose given a choice.

Who needs crack when you have this? Kept me stoned the whole day. Definitely worth a cuppa!

Continuing our journey towards Penang, we finally reach Queensbay Mall around 2:30pm. The outside of the mall was flooded with Runners collecting their Registration Numbers for the Penang Bridge Run the next day.

Registration Counter. The person manning the counter had to catch a few winks.

Awwww .. sporty babes.

After spending close to 4 hours without eating in the mall, we were so starved and begin food hunting.

Spotted along the streets of Penang

Halfway hunting food, we were then summoned (hehehe...) to Komtar instead to meet up with Ricky (our dealer). With a huge sigh of relieve, we had our first taste of Penang food ....

First Blood. Asam Laksa of Penang. Instead of sharing a bowl with my colleague, I had everything to myself and asked him to get one for himself.

Chee Cheong Fun Penang Style.

Curry Laksa served here is different from KL. You have to mix it up on your own.

Curry Laksa - Before

Curry Laksa - After

After being fed like pigs heading to the slaughter house, we had to burn out the excess baggage of calories and what better way then to go looking for DVD's. Not much luck though as I had already watched most of the latest movies and with nothing particular in mind to buy, we headed back to our condo to rest. Just as we set foot into the condo, there was a call from Ricky ... another 'feeding session' is on the way.

The place was Teluk Kumbar, about 25-35 minutes drive from Gurney, we were treated to some of the best seafood and that at a very reasonable price as well.

Hai Boey Seafood (The Food Damn Song)



Salted Egg Crabs.

Steamed Crabs - Delicious to the core.

The 'Gous' of the crab just flow and flow and flow.

Freaking Big and Delicious.

Okay I have to say, by the way time we finished our food in Hai Boey, we actually needed a stretcher to carry us out as were really filled to the brim. Ricky being a good host suggested more dishes but unfortunately ... it was more than enough. Any more and we would have vomitted everything out or died of overfeeding. But i'll definitely return for more in future with the price of the food there reasonable as well.

It was pretty late by the time we finished (11:30pm) ... as we made our way back. Bearing in mind the Bridge run starts at 3am, I was resigned to the fact that I will not be able to sleep during this trip as I had to meet up with an ex-classmate of mine later.

We reached our condo at 12am and not long after that, Jerry called up and said he's ready to pick me. I haven't met Jerry in about 2 years. Having stayed there for quite some time, he knows the place inside out. Together with his Pharmacist GF (Sorry I forgot your name), I was taken on an unofficial exclusive round Penang trip and got to view the backlanes (Transvetites galore)... drunken clubbers at Penang Upper Road and watch how Mat Rempits risk their lives.

Siao ah eat so much. Jerry forcing me to try out a little bit of each.

Too bad that I had to rush back at 2am as the Run begins at 3am. Talk about lack of sleep... had to wake my colleague of mine who was competiting there and we headed straight to USM.

The Run Begins.

The Ladies Run ... Someone got his sexuality mixed up.

The agonising wait for the event to end.

Clear skies ahead.

Meeting up with my adidas ex-colleagues.

The view from where we stayed

After the Run we headed back and got some rest before resuming our eating session. Do check out this place called Kafe Sin Se Kai. If you want to try out the best fruit rojak and asam laksa, this is the place to be. Words can't describe how good they are.

Another session of food hunting

Majestic not only by name. The rojak simply oozes class.

Best rojak ever.

Ais Kacang that tingles your taste buds.

Asam Laksa - Perfection Redefined.

Char Koay Teow. A staple of Penang people.

Oh Chien... Not bad but there are better ones around.

Apple Juice that simply quenches every inch of your throat.

Seal of Approval.

After trying out the food there, we headed towards the food court located opposite. The Curry Laksa here according to Jacky was the best around. But probably due to the fact that I had filled every inch of my stomach, it tasted normal. But perhaps I will give another try next trip up.

Curry Laksa at it's finest.

And not far away there was this Confectionary shop filled with customers.

Bread Shop

Look like bricks don't they?

Who moved my cheese?

Spotted while coming back ... Transformers Convoy.

Robot In Disguise

Aiks ... DIGI .... haha...

Sleek Looking.

Rear View.

Even Robots have bad days.

Only regret on this trip was we haven't had enough time to explore more. Will be doing another trip to Penang the following month.