Sunday, June 10, 2007

Journey Up Cameron Highlands

It was 6am in the morning when my Mobile phone alarm went buzzing madly. Wtf?? I just had about 4 hours sleep and I was supposed to be waking up now? Okay ... I came to my senses and recalled that I had plans for this long day. Pulled myself up and realised that the others were already waiting for me. Come 7:00 am we started our journey and coupled with some stops, we reached Bidor and filled our stomach with Duck Noodles from a coffee shop recommended by quite a number of friends. Just outside of it, there are roadside stalls selling various fruits and vegetables at prices that are not available back in KL.

Petai Business Area in Bidor. Happy tourists ....

Fresh Petai.. My Favourite. Each Bundle of Petai costs RM15. Are they expensive or what?

Came across this fruit stall ... selling Golden Fruit .. What the heck is this? I was told that you can't touch the fruit, otherwise it'll turn out not so nice when it's time to eat them. Hmmm ... Wonder how they pick and arrange it then?

Golden Fruit - PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ... Once touched, considered SOLD

Hehehe ... I Just Touched All of 'Em

We then proceeded with our journey towards Cameron Highlands. Little did I realise that it's such a long and winding trip up. Due to heavy rain the night before there were alot of fallen branches and tree trunks spewn across the road and due to the fact that I was lacking sleep, this made driving up there a little bit more dangerous than usual. I was all relieved when we finally arrived at Cameron Highlands safe and sound.

Huge Old Tree

Dropped by to the Cameron Temple and just outside the temple there is a monk known as 'Red Feet Monk' that is apparently good in reading one's fortune. He will not say much but according to those that has consulted him, his readings are very accurate. Add to that, he does not charge($) those who consults him.

Red Feet Monk

Cool Breeze outside the Temple

Continuing on, we made way to the Vegetable Farm and bought ourselves silly cartons of vegetables as they were dirt cheap.... DIRT CHEAP.

Aaahh .....


Grab A Bite...

No Coffee .. Only Tea... But What Tea?

Fly Trap (coated with honey and strawberries)

Strawberry Waffles and Juice

After treating ourselves to Strawberry Juice and Waffles, I was really exhaused and decided to grab a quick nap in the car while the rest went into the Cactus Farm. Here's what I missed out.


Tell me frankly what they look like...

Alien Hands

We then made our way to the Boh Tea Centre but not before having the adventure of our lives driving to Nowhere Land (our guide guiding us to see nothing).

The place sure felt like heaven with the cold rain pouring and cool air breezing ... I just though I could live here forever. (After conducting a self assesment reality check, i thought otherwise). But still... Cameron Highlands is a decent holiday destination if you plan on a short break to ease your worries off work.

Tea Hill

Scenery I Could Wake Up To Everyday

Boh In Pictures

Group Photo


Spending Time and Mingling with The Locals

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