Sunday, August 05, 2007

Havoc at Hasbro Warehouse Sales

I looked out of my office window staring at the empty land that is currently being cleared up for development and was wondering to myself what the heck was I doing in office on a Saturday morning? There is a Warehouse Sales at Hasbro's and I'm stuck at work unable to give a rationale excuse to leave early. Torture! Pure torture!

The time was just 10:15am, 15 minutes since the public were allowed to enter the Warehouse, and I called Michael. According to him, the crowd was so huge that he had trouble looking for parking and had to send poor old Soo San down to grab hold of whatever that is left behind. The background noise was deafening and to add salt into wound, he did not have time to talk to me and slammed down the phone just as I was about to ask him to buy something for me.

You see, I'm one who is not too keen on Warehouse Sales especially after experiencing myself first hand how rowdy people can get (using all means) just to buy items at knocked down prices. Toy collecting is such an expensive hobby (to me at least), and I cannot recall how many times I picked up something that I like from the Toy's Department but only to put it back when I look at the price tag. LOL ... yeah I'm cheap!

I cursed my luck as I left work at 12pm and called up Michael and San to checked on what's happening there. According to San, there was a lunch break for staff and most of the Star Wars collectibles were wiped out. Do not be too disheartened, I told myself, and I promptly checked with Marianne. The staff break was also time for them to do stock replenishment and will re-open by 1:30pm. I harboured the thought of skipping lunch but Kim was starving so badly that we had to reluctantly fill our stomachs before popping by to the Warehouse. After lunch, we headed straight and upon reaching to my relieve, I could see that the crowd numbers weren't what I expected but still were enough to cause havoc ...

This was the scene when we reached there.

Temperatures were scorch high but that did not deter the crowd.

Pit Stop for the shoppers.

There were scores of people hunting for the limited stocks, this was like Malaya during the old days when people have to queue up for water but only this time it's for toys. How lucky we are nowadays! The crowd jostled and pushed the tables inching closer to the staff as they slowly open boxes of toys to the point the staff had to verbally address the crowd to stop pushing. I think it was Marianne screaming at the top of her lungs to control the crowd. Reminiscent of days in adidas.

Pandemonium. 'Saya MAHU beli HASBRO!'.

There were some who were so sick of the pushing they just waited outside and when I came out with some goodies after a good round of body pushing and sniffing bad odour, someone came up and said he wanted whatever I have on hand if I decide not to buy it. No way i thought.

This guy offered us RM50 for something that we had on hand.

Marianne's picks. Really owe her alot for picking them up for me.

Michael and San had left after their first round but knowing that there were still goodies available, they made a second trip to toy hunt.

Amidst all the shoving and pushing there was this particular incident that took place between a middle aged man (Uncle) and a Hasbro employee that had the crowd laughing .... This happened when there was a mad crowd that hunted for the Clone Trooper Unleashed Series and the that got Uncle very frustrated because he couldn't get the last piece to complete his jigsaw.

Uncle: Oi Sei Ngan Chai pass the damn boxes out. Wanna keep them for what?
Hasbro Staff (With annoyed look): Who called me 'Sei Ngan Chai'?
Uncle (looking quite embarrassed): Ooopsss... sorry I don't know your name mah ... Should I call you 'Lengchai' instead? Can pass me the boxes ah?
Hasbro Staff: Ok lar ... (opens the box and passes the toys out)

Somehow i felt the staff was thinking ... Call me sei ngan chai? NAH Blardee fool you.. open things for you also talk like that ... NO MANNERS ... .. take this and pergi jauh-jauh...

Also there was this incident when a Man who had been standing right in front had the guts to complain when he was taking everything.

M: Oi boleh buka lagi ka? Apa pun tak boleh ambil la
Hasbro Staff: Semua sudah buka lah Encik ... Lu tengok apa lu pegang .. semua you sudah ada tapi nak saya buka lagi.
M: Saya kesian lah .. tunggu sini apa pun takda...
Hasbro STaff: Apa pun takde? Lu tengok apa lu pegang? You sudah berdiri depan sini 15 minit. Orang lain kat belakang tunggu dengan tangan kosong sahaja pun tak bising.
M: Hehehe ... sori sori..

You could just imagine the chaotic scenes there. Grown men and to a certain extent some aunties pushing each other for toys ... At one point Mike was caught sandwiched between an old aunt in front and a man at his back. As the crowd grew, the man behind pushed him and poor old Mike felt like a pervert taking advantage of the Aunty.

Who the heck is that in the middle?

The Spending Spree ends finally. Notice the hinge of guilt I had.

Michael's Loot.

Here's what I picked. Thanks to Marianne.

Battle Packs Unleashed - Kashyyvk.

Die Cast - Darth Vader, Sand Trooper, IG88 and Clone Trooper

Father & Son. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Unleashed - Darth Vader and Troopers

Die Cast - Snowspeeder

Die Cast - Starfighter.

Will I go for another Warehouse Sales at Hasbro if there is another? You bet I will .... But let me do some rugby training in the meantime.


Jamie said...

can't stand the smell, heat and crowd at sales like this...too many weird MFs hovering around just to look for a good deal.

Will generally end up loosing my cool...thats why I'd rather pay normal rates for collectibles...

papayakid said...

mr papaya here.

cool loot of toys there. very cheap ah?

Fei Wen said...

was looking at the pics, not ur post.. hehehehehehe.....

KA® said...

jamie: it's worth the wait and shoving come end of the day.

papayakid: yup dirt cheap

fei wen: geezz so bad...