Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tiger FC Week 14, Week 15 and Week 16

I was kept occupied the past month and therefore there was a lack of updates. So here's a summary of the performance from the past 3 weeks.
Week 16 - LMF rode his luck and managed to grab top spot with 2 his utilizaton of 2 precious transfers. Ronaldo once again drop to the last spot as the other contenders gain points consistently. This week's mamak will be good.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
LMF (Winner)53121673
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo2486510

Week 15 - RedArmy's on a roll and finally the Mighty UDM has fallen. UDM has been riding his luck lately and finally the wheels came off this car. What sheer pleasure it gives the rest as the Undefeated tag is finally put away.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
RedArmy (Winner)7171553
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo6262486

Week 14 - Revenge is sweet when your closest rival is a whopping 20 points behind you. One heck of a result! My team made a bold statement this weekend.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
RedArmy (Winner)68180447
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo24120414

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tiger FC Week 13

Week 13 was yet another photo finish as the final game of the week was the decider between 1st to 4th placing. After the dust has settled the standings are as follow:

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
UDM (Winner)77130582
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo 5596390

LMF would not have lost if he did not place too much on 21 million pounds striker Wayne Rooney. With nearly 20% of his team budget allocated to Rooney coupled by a freak injury to him on the training grounds, it's not hard to say that LMF was giving a handicap to the rest of us. Even with this setback, LMF still posted some sort of record.., the 'Highest Losing Score' so far. 51 points on average would've given LMF the 1st or 2nd place any another week. Too bad for LMF though, the others like Red Army and Ronaldo has learnt from their past mistakes and are scoring points consistently the past few games.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Onituska Tiger - November 2007

For the month of November, the following Onitsuka Tiger shoes will be available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan Lot 10, Sole What @ Gardens Mid Valley and Star 360 @ Sunway Pyramid. However, there'll be a sombre mood for followers of OT fans as the founder of ASICS Corporation, Kihachiro Onitsuka had just recently passed away in Kobe, Japan.

Be on the lookout as the following models will be available in stores by next week.

Mexico 66 - Colour 1686

Runspark - Colour 0528

Fencing LA - Colour 1516

Fencing LA - Colour 1504

Mexico 66 - Colour 0503

Runspark - Colour 6105

Mexico Tigress - Colour 9490

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hmmm... I was pleasantly surprise when I got the following invitation form Mun Yee. Just check out how she and her future husband to be put their creative juices to work.

What Invitation?

With Barcodes as well.

Limited Edition Release?

7th Happiness

Let's see what we have inside.

It's an invitation for Mun Yee's Wedding

7 Up Chinese style.


Kindly make your reservations.

Wow ... comes with Nutritional Information as well.

Ice cool drink to soothe your throat.

Top this .....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

12th Placing!

I'm at 12th Place for Team Of The Month!

Tiger FC Week 12

Yet another pulsating week as it climaxed in the closest finish in 12 weeks of Fantasy Football. The overall placing for the week came down to the last game of the week as the initial overnight scores had LMF leading with 43 pts followed by Red Army (My Team with 40 pts), UDM (38 pts) and Civic a.ka. I Am Cocky As Ronaldo (33 pts). Having 2 players for the remaining game of the week (Man. City vs Sunderland) in the squad with 4 transfers left I did not expect to finish at the bottom as I did not expect the others to make any major changes to their squad.

Little did I know, Cocky As Ronaldo (CAR) and LMF went all out as they banked on 2-3 Man. City players repectively each. Half expecting an outright win for Man City (as I genuinely thought that Sunderland will sneak a Draw), I thought I was in the Safe Zone but just before kickoff I was worrying as CAR had Elano in the team. By my mental calculation had Man. City won with Elano scoring a goal, I would have been tied on points with him. Fortunately, Elano was eventually subbed in the game and CAR finished 5 points behind. CAR made 2 errors for the week by putting John Terry and Micah Richards into his team. Had both of them played he would have been tied on points with UDM.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
UDM (Winner)5353505
I Am Cocky As Ronaldo 4141335

After this particular scare, I count myself fortunate not to have finished at the bottom. However I'm looking forward to the upcoming week as I stll have 4 aces in my deck of cards with UDM having 6, followed by LMF (2) whilst CAR has maximise his transfers for the month.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tiger FC Week 11

Competition in Tiger FC has heated up yet again. To make things more exciting, 4 members (including myself) agreed upon that whoever gets the least points for each week will have to treat the other 3 a round of Tomyam each, whereas the one who finishes 3rd will have to update the points tally for the following week accordingly.

I managed to get 3rd place last week but I didn't mind at all doing dirty work as I finally break my hat-trick of losses. As usual LMF and UDM have a close fight whereas at the bottom of the table Red Army and Civic battle it out to avoid Relegation. After a pulsating 10 match battle, below are the points for the week .....

MILF League
Team NameWeekly PointsMonthly PointsTotal Points
LMF (Winner)41157412

As you can see LMF is the champion for the week with a total 41 points. That's 2 weeks in a row that LMF has topped the points tally. Whereas Civic who has been performing early of the month finally lose steam with only 3 points from 14 players. Since he has amassed less than 10 points, Civic should've doubled up his losses this week. But Tiger FC made a screw up and did not update the points accordingly this weekend and thus there is a dispute on the total allocation of points. Red Army in fact 'lose' 12 additional points as a result of the screw up.

November is here and each team will have 8 transfers again beginning this week.
Red Army will once again sweat it out not to finish bottom of the table and will be EXPECTING THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST for November.