Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tiger FC Week 12

Yet another pulsating week as it climaxed in the closest finish in 12 weeks of Fantasy Football. The overall placing for the week came down to the last game of the week as the initial overnight scores had LMF leading with 43 pts followed by Red Army (My Team with 40 pts), UDM (38 pts) and Civic a.ka. I Am Cocky As Ronaldo (33 pts). Having 2 players for the remaining game of the week (Man. City vs Sunderland) in the squad with 4 transfers left I did not expect to finish at the bottom as I did not expect the others to make any major changes to their squad.

Little did I know, Cocky As Ronaldo (CAR) and LMF went all out as they banked on 2-3 Man. City players repectively each. Half expecting an outright win for Man City (as I genuinely thought that Sunderland will sneak a Draw), I thought I was in the Safe Zone but just before kickoff I was worrying as CAR had Elano in the team. By my mental calculation had Man. City won with Elano scoring a goal, I would have been tied on points with him. Fortunately, Elano was eventually subbed in the game and CAR finished 5 points behind. CAR made 2 errors for the week by putting John Terry and Micah Richards into his team. Had both of them played he would have been tied on points with UDM.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
UDM (Winner)5353505
I Am Cocky As Ronaldo 4141335

After this particular scare, I count myself fortunate not to have finished at the bottom. However I'm looking forward to the upcoming week as I stll have 4 aces in my deck of cards with UDM having 6, followed by LMF (2) whilst CAR has maximise his transfers for the month.

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