Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tiger FC - Week 12

Week 3 (Week 12 for The Big 4)
Another week of Tiger FC, another week of non stop excitement, as adrenalin pumping action filled the air of all 6 contestants (mlfc will beg to differ though). Yet again, 1st to 5th place was only decided after the dust has settled down in a long hard drawn battle between gladiators of equal strength.

What could be say about mlfc? This team came with a big reputation and announced himself to the League with a majestic performance in the first week has seen his stocks fall at an alarming rate for the past couple of weeks. Having a defence that is leaking goals for fun does not bode well for this once feared team resulting in a poor haul of 34 points for the week.

LMF's over reliance on Ronaldo was fully exposed this week as a shocking performance from the Manchester United midfielder caused LMF to lose heavily in both the BTOM and the Mini League as well. Impressive performances from LMF for the first 3 weeks of November has somehow made the team overconfident and complacent. LMF found out first hand that undermining the opposition before a game is played is just about the biggest mistake a team could ever make. Like the saying does "Never count your eggs before they hatch & The bigger you are the harder you fall", LMF will have to pick himself up and do much better than the 61 points earned this week.

The team entering the final week of November with most Transfers Available found out cruelly that sometimes it's better to have the points on board rather than having more options available. This week proved to be a major headache for Red Army as entering the final stretch of games, although with transfers available on hand, he was running out of games to seal at least a 4th placed finish. Fortunately for this team, it once again prevailed and managed to crawl out form the jaws of death with 65 points chipped in. The Unbeaten Streak is stretched to 12 weeks and counting........

The 'Serial Exhibitionist' Cocky
Ronaldo for once ends up in Mid Table this week. This team all season has been consistently inconsistent, each time finishing at the top 1 week and doing a complete reversal the week after. With a performance like a yoyo all season, Cocky Ronaldo has since wisen up. Comment from his only Fan Club Member ... yes you got it right .. Cocky Ronaldo himself ... "This time I'll play smart and not do the spectacular again".

After a very slow start to the season, UDM has been chasing the Top 2 quietly the past 2 months. Comprising a sound keeper, steady defence, classy midfielders and a couple of lethal strikers, this team is rising to the ocassion and ejoys the challenges thrown at them. With minimal transfer activity this week UDM amassed a toal of 70 points and has proven once again... it's not the quantity that counts but rather the quality.

All hail the Most Improved Player of the Tom Yam Cup. VWin has been an example for all aspiring newcomers. Starting his career at the bottom of the table, this team has slowly but surely learnt the ropes and risen to the summit in a span of 3 weeks. Collecting 70 points in a tough week is remarkable as the other teams struggle to scrape past the 60 points mark. However, a word of advise to Vwin is to not rest on his laurels or else he'll end up like mlfc.

Summary of POINTS earned as below:


UDM - 70 Points. Total 1073 Points

VWin - 70 points. Total 866 Points

Cocky Ronaldo - 67 Points. Total 989 Points

Red Army - 65 Points. Total 1107 Points

LMF - 61 Points. Total 1140 Points

mlfc - 34 Points. Total 217 Points

Current Stats after 3rd Match Week
Champ - mlfc (1), UDM (0.5), VWin (0.5), LMF (1),
2nd Place - LMF (1), VWin (0.5) UDM (1.5)
3rd Place - UDM (1), Cocky Ronaldo (1), Red Army (1)
4th Place - Red Army (2), Cocky Ronaldo (0.5) VWin (0.5)
5th Place - VWin (0.5), LMF (1), Cocky (1.5)
Loser - Vwin (1), mlfc (2)

Week 2: VWin and Cocky Joint 4th and 5th ... as such 0.5 for each spot.
Week 3: VWin and UDM Joint Champions ... as such 0.5 for each spot.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tiger FC Best Teams Of The Month - December 2008

December 2008 was a good month for MILF League Members as 3 of the 5 members secured the Top 20 Teams of The Month Spot. What's more remarkable was the fact that LMF finished at 2nd spot for BTOM and thus earns himself 3 crates of Tiger Beer for his hard work. Will be chilling out with him more often in the next few weeks.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Football Everyday...

Blimey.. did not win the competition but had a great time there.
I'm featured in the clip (31st -33rd second) with a sore loser face.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wish Me Good Luck

I''ve been shortlisted for a Quiz. The finals will be on tonight. If I win the Grand Prize, I'll get to go to Barcelona, Spain to watch The El Classico... Wish me good luck!

Dear all,

Greetings from The Star! First of all, thank you for submitting all your entries.

More importantly, i'm pleased to announce that all of you have been selected as winners of this great contest!! For your efforts, all 26 of you have each won a wonderful prize courtesy of Tiger FC.

In case you aren't aware, the top 6 entries from the 26 who will get a shot at winning the grand prizes of 2 x trips to Barcelona, Spain will be revealed during the Grand Finale happening this Friday, Nov 14th.

So to find out whether you're one of the lucky ones, we'd like to cordially invite you to join us @ the Souled Out Bistro in Sri Hartamas on Friday from 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Please take note that registration starts at 6.00pm.

Also note that should you be one of the top 6 names but fail to to be present on the night, your place will be awarded to another winner. Each of you is allowed to bring along 1 guest and some light refreshments will be served.

If you've not RSVP-ed me through the phone, it means i couldn't reach you on your mobile and as such, please kindly drop me an email reply at this address ASAP to confirm your attendance along with your guest. For those who have spoken to me, we trust that you'll be tru to your word and join us on Friday :)

For more information, i can be reached at the number below. Till Friday, congratulations once again!

Nelsen Ng,
Executive, Marketing Services,
Star Publications (M) Bhd

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sneakers For College & K-Swiss x Atmos Release

Sneakers offers a wide variety of branded sports shoe catering to sneakerhead enthusiasts. Established a year ago, it has since relocated to SS15 from it's previous outlet in The Summit. Sneakers celebrated its 1st Anniversary by throwing a party themed 'College for Sneakers' and also released K-Swiss's Atmos Collaboration.


The back portion of The First Floor of the Store was transformed into sort of like an Art Gallery showcasing Spoonman's Oneye works.

Love those Bearbricks...

Kim nearly wanted to steal the lamp.

Can't help but to admire the finer details put into these customized shoes.

Goodies complimentary of Sneakers...


The SI 18 Bristel - Fine detailing...

Classic LOS - Classy...

Latest K-Swiss Releases.

Bringing life to art.

The Headlock on Jocey Again...

The crowd anticipating a good time.

Christmas is early this year!

Who's that girl?

Even 'Flies' can't resist not coming.

Tiger FC Week 8

Another pulsating end for the week as once again it was a 3 Horse race for 2nd place as LMF wrapped up 1st Placed on the 1st Day of 3 Match Days. LMF displayed arrogance when going into the final game exclaimed that he was afraid to finish at the bottom although enjoying a 20 point lead. Going into the final game Red had 35 points, Cocky 32 points and UDM 38 points but with 1 less player, Red was at a disadvantage and placed sall his hopes on Newcastle in their home game against Villa. Fortunately for Red, the final pick was his best pick for the week as Martins conjured 2 precious goals and eased Red into 2nd place.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
LMF 80 Points. Total 752 Points

1st Runner Up
Red Army 56 Points. TOTAL - 736 Points

2nd Runner Up
UDM 44 Points. TOTAL - 6 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 38 Points. TOTAL - 636 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (3), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (3), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (2), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (5)

Bring next week on as Red looks to extend his Unbeaten Streak...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sneakers For College

Nothing to do this coming Friday? Why not head off to Sneakers who in conjunction with their 1st Anniversary will be organising an event for all sneakerheads. Themed 'Sneakers For College' students will be entitled to buy footwear at discounted prices. Also there will be the release of the Exclusive K-Swiss x Atmos Collaboration. Hurry as only limited quantities will be available... party starts from 8pm onwards.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tiger FC Week 7

Very intensive week, as imagination was stretched to the limit with 20 games taking place. It was a shocker really since Cocky's performance last week was outstanding, however this week he was simply outclassed as UDM and LMF flexed their muscles going all out and got a good grip on the Championship with brilliant tactics.

UDM became Champion after going neck to neck with LMF all week. The Champion was decided with a photo finish as news on who won was delayed and Reviewed by The Judges (ASSISTS Points) Panel. Red Army was on hibernation mode as he was involved in International Duty with the national team but still managed to get a respectable score to keep pace.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
UDM 144 Points. TOTAL - 649 Points

1st Runner Up
LMF 143 Points. Total 672 Points

2nd Runner Up
Red Army 121 Points. TOTAL - 683 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 98 Points. TOTAL - 598 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (2), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (2), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (1), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (4)

Hot Tip of The Week: Red Army to extend Unbeaten Run.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Updates to follow soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fantasy Football 2008

Another week of Tiger FC and another week of suspense for the league members...
a saying comes to mind this week... "Form Is Temporary... Class is Permanent".

How true this applies to Cocky Ronaldo as he finally answered his critics and proving that Champions are made of sterner stuff comes back into the Championship Race with a big bang! Pinned to the bottom of the league recently, without a shadow of a doubt the sleeping Giant has awaken from his slumber sleep leaving his championship rivals at his wake. What is more frightening is for the fact that Cocky sweeped off all his competitors in the first day alone and it was left to the other 3 to grab the remaining places after Day 1 of 3 Match Days.

What more could the rest ask for from this serial exhibitionist other than just sit back and admire what this Magician has to conjure up in the upcoming games.

Meanwhile the remaining members of Por San had to scrapped it out and not until the dust has settled in the final game of the week (till 5am) did they know where they would end up in the table. An equalizer for Manchester City in the dying minutes of an exciting game between Newcastle and Manchester City was the final blow to LMF's chances of finishing at least 3rd in the table. UDM and Red Army can count themselves lucky not ending up at the bottom of the pile as it was a 3 horse race to a 2nd place finish for the week as 1st place was always within out of reach given Cocky's amazing haul of points.

Final Points Tally As Below:
COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 99 Points. TOTAL - 500 Points

1st Runner Up

UDM 94 Points. TOTAL - 501 Points

2nd Runner Up
Red Army 89 Points. TOTAL - 562 Points

LMF 86 Points. Total 529 Points

Noteworthy: Red Army remains UNDEFEATED ... but only JUST.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates For Onitsuka Tiger and K-Swiss Here No More

Updates for new releases of K-Swiss and Onitsuka Tiger could be found in here and here. However, do still pop by in here to get your dosage of news.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alex Ferguson 'shocked' by Bomb Blast...

Check this video out during Manchester United's game against Chelsea. This is not something you would want to do to your Boss if you need that raise badly. When interviewed after the game, Sir Alex said he thought someone let off a bomb in the stadium.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tiger FC 2009

Tiger FC is back and this time around our League is making good progress. 4th overall and 3 top 20 teams for the month of September (so far).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Onitsuka Tiger Night Video

For those who were unable to make it to our Onitsuka - Electric Tiger Night Event at Zouk KL, here's what you missed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Andy's Surprise Birthday Celebration

It was supposed to be a surprise lunch treat for our funny man Andy Toh in office but as luck would have it we had a sponsor for lunch in the form of Mr.... errr... sorry I do not know his name.

Kris with her annoyed (wtf) look as usual.

That's more like it...

Our Ecko Unlimited main man with funny man Andy Toh.

The rest of the cast who came were...

Vivian (do not take pictures of me) and Siew Yee.

The ever smiling Jocelyn and errrr..... the ever smiling Sophia...

Myself with Mr. Andy.

Since lunch was paid for... we had to resort to plan B to surprise Andy. The video and pictures below says it all...

30 something young...

Kris Lee - Our 'Natural' super woman....

Jess and Siew Yee who makes sure our accounts are taken care of...

Cathy who wants everyone in office to re-brand ourselves...

Jocelyn and Maggie auditioning for the latest Colgate tooth paste commercial.

When is it my turn before I could grab a bite?

Eat your cakes...

An embarrassed Andy thinking "Who the hell thought of this?"

So creepy looking these 2....

I lup eating!

2nd helping...

Scott busy as ever...

The happiest times are when food is around.

Cheeky Jess...

Happy times again.

Scott still as busy as ever...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger - July/August 2008

In Stores next week!!! Only limited quantities available...

THL202 Mexico 66 - Colour Code 0146

HL4A1 Mexico Baja - Colour Code 9021

Sunday, July 27, 2008

STUFF - 4th Anniversary

Managed to get hold of invites to STUFF's 4th Year Anniversary at Republic, Sunway Pyramid. After working tirelessly for Onitsuka Tiger's Electric Tiger Land, this Event was a welcome change of roles compared to the week before.

Dave looks like he's doing a karaoke session.

Serena C has the look.

Pietro is so cuddly even guys wanna hug him.

Spot the odd one out.

The 'New' Teh Tarik Crew.

Jamaican messing up my hair and what's Kelvin up to again?

I wanna go home...

Dave is feeling the 'pinch'.

Eric has something sticking out from his ears!

Not too sure what Eric is up to...

New girl on the block.... Jocey...