Saturday, January 26, 2008

Visit to Cat City - Kuching, Sarawak

I was beaming when word got to me that I had to travel to Kuching for work. Although it was at short notice, I looked forward in anticipation of my maiden trip to East Malaysia. Getting to work the next day at 9am (just before my flight at 12:55pm), I do not know if it was over excitement or what but I locked my car keys in my car. Fortunately Kimberly was on hand to sort out the mess I created for myself and I just about made it for the flight. A journey just a little short of 2 hours, it was pleasant as the weather was perfect all the way.

Birds Eye View of A Perfect Day.

Kuching Airport.

Upon arriving in Kuching, in my broken Mandarin I managed to get to lead the cab driver to my destination at Wisma Hopoh. I had initially planned to put up for the night at the Telang Usan Hotel but upon checking around, Harbour View and Borneo was recommended. Here's some shots taken when I was loitering around.

Borneo Hotel.

Proposed Government Office.


Corner Of Good Hope.

To travel alone at times for work, I tend to stay in the room of my hotel to get some much needed rest and this meant I would have a quiet night. Fortunately, I had company this time round as Shane Lim was in Kuching as well. He also was there for work and I was introduced to Barry Ng. A man who continuously forces himself to learn things, Barry had many experiences to share and with zero knowledge of computes taught himself how to use a computer about 4-5 years ago. Most recently he had also learned to blog. You can access his blog at Melaka Today.

Claypot Noodle.

Shane and I.

Mr. Barry.

Sunset is quite early in Kuching and by 8-9pm a majority of the shoplots are closed, even Chinatown looked like a ghost town and did not have the atmosphere of Chinese Near Year like Petaling Street. With plenty of time and nothing to do we decided to explore the streets of Kuching by foot. This is where we came across a street with full of durian stalls. Although we just had our dinner, the lure of the durians proved too much for us to resist. No harm trying was our motto for the night.At only RM14 for 2, it was a gratifying to say the least that we had more than enough after some gobbling by the 3 of us.

Durian Feast.

Picking Our Durians.

Yummy Looking!

Can't Wait To Taste Them.


Filling ourselves to the brim, Barry then recalled that there was a Dim Sum area that is very popular around. Without wasting time we continued our journey on foot and hunted around. We finally found the Dim Sum stall. However, I wouldn't rave about how good the Dim Sums are as I thought the ones back in KL tasted better.

Famous Dim Sum.

Looks good. But Does It Taste As Good?

Barry thinks so.

I had a hard time finishing them as I was really full.

Hey, Barry what are you up to?

We decided to retire early as there was not much to do and the next day I took some random photos before I headed back to Kl.

Spring Mall.

Kam Pua Mee.

Landmark - Cats.


View Across The River.

Wondering What It Is.

Hilton Hotel.

Goodbye Kuching!

Being my first trip to to Kuching Sarawak, it was an eye opener for me as I get the chance to experience life in East Malaysia before. As it was a trip related to work, I did not have much time to explore further than what I had initially planned. A 2nd or 3rd visit is definitely on the cards in other for me to find out more about Kuching.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bukit Gasing Re-Visited

This walk about was made in early November. Kok Leong could not make it this time round as he was sleeping at home as usual. Probably after the first trip he didn't like the idea of going at it again. Eric and I were joined by Khean and Michael and we decided to take the Watch Tower Route this time round.

Watch Tower Route

All Geared Up.

The Newbie giving us the thumbsdown!

The Route to The Small River.


I made it!

Can We Eat Now?

That's What an 'Anak Sungai' Looks Like.


Early Morning Sunshine.

Making our way out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tiger FC Week 22

Finally, UDM has made a comeback after being quiet for the best part of December 2007. Keen to save up his transfer RedArmy sacrificed positioning and finished bottom. LMF and Ronaldo were on the safe zone as both teams had scorers from nearly every position of the field barring the Keeper. In reality, I had planned to transfer Milner for Nolan but was unable to do so as I was occupied and seeking UDM's help to initiate transfer was my biggest blunder for the week. Anyway 73 points is the highest loser of all time in a single week.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
UDM (Winner)981691114
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo78140835

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger - January 2008

New Year with New Releases coming up this weekend at Star 360 - Sunway Pyramid, Sole What - The Gardens Mid Valley, Isetan KLCC and Isetan Lot 10.

Mexico 66 - Colour 0191

Runspark - Colour 1361

Fabre DC-S - Colour 0000

Javelin Lo - Colour 0194

Mexico Tigress - Colour 9393

Mexico Tigress - Colour 9494

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tiger FC week 20 and 21

A busy program at the end of the year changed the fortunes of LMF as he could not follow up on his hat trick of wins. RedArmy managed to hold on to his overnight lead as he once again topped the table following impressive performances from his back 4 of Defenders with 3 goals in total. UDM and Ronaldo meanwhile regained some consistency after both teams experienced a total shutout from 1st place for the entire Month of December 2007.

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
RedArmy (Winner)11752864
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo10262757