Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Updates to follow soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fantasy Football 2008

Another week of Tiger FC and another week of suspense for the league members...
a saying comes to mind this week... "Form Is Temporary... Class is Permanent".

How true this applies to Cocky Ronaldo as he finally answered his critics and proving that Champions are made of sterner stuff comes back into the Championship Race with a big bang! Pinned to the bottom of the league recently, without a shadow of a doubt the sleeping Giant has awaken from his slumber sleep leaving his championship rivals at his wake. What is more frightening is for the fact that Cocky sweeped off all his competitors in the first day alone and it was left to the other 3 to grab the remaining places after Day 1 of 3 Match Days.

What more could the rest ask for from this serial exhibitionist other than just sit back and admire what this Magician has to conjure up in the upcoming games.

Meanwhile the remaining members of Por San had to scrapped it out and not until the dust has settled in the final game of the week (till 5am) did they know where they would end up in the table. An equalizer for Manchester City in the dying minutes of an exciting game between Newcastle and Manchester City was the final blow to LMF's chances of finishing at least 3rd in the table. UDM and Red Army can count themselves lucky not ending up at the bottom of the pile as it was a 3 horse race to a 2nd place finish for the week as 1st place was always within out of reach given Cocky's amazing haul of points.

Final Points Tally As Below:
COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 99 Points. TOTAL - 500 Points

1st Runner Up

UDM 94 Points. TOTAL - 501 Points

2nd Runner Up
Red Army 89 Points. TOTAL - 562 Points

LMF 86 Points. Total 529 Points

Noteworthy: Red Army remains UNDEFEATED ... but only JUST.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates For Onitsuka Tiger and K-Swiss Here No More

Updates for new releases of K-Swiss and Onitsuka Tiger could be found in here and here. However, do still pop by in here to get your dosage of news.