Monday, November 17, 2008

Football Everyday...

Blimey.. did not win the competition but had a great time there.
I'm featured in the clip (31st -33rd second) with a sore loser face.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wish Me Good Luck

I''ve been shortlisted for a Quiz. The finals will be on tonight. If I win the Grand Prize, I'll get to go to Barcelona, Spain to watch The El Classico... Wish me good luck!

Dear all,

Greetings from The Star! First of all, thank you for submitting all your entries.

More importantly, i'm pleased to announce that all of you have been selected as winners of this great contest!! For your efforts, all 26 of you have each won a wonderful prize courtesy of Tiger FC.

In case you aren't aware, the top 6 entries from the 26 who will get a shot at winning the grand prizes of 2 x trips to Barcelona, Spain will be revealed during the Grand Finale happening this Friday, Nov 14th.

So to find out whether you're one of the lucky ones, we'd like to cordially invite you to join us @ the Souled Out Bistro in Sri Hartamas on Friday from 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Please take note that registration starts at 6.00pm.

Also note that should you be one of the top 6 names but fail to to be present on the night, your place will be awarded to another winner. Each of you is allowed to bring along 1 guest and some light refreshments will be served.

If you've not RSVP-ed me through the phone, it means i couldn't reach you on your mobile and as such, please kindly drop me an email reply at this address ASAP to confirm your attendance along with your guest. For those who have spoken to me, we trust that you'll be tru to your word and join us on Friday :)

For more information, i can be reached at the number below. Till Friday, congratulations once again!

Nelsen Ng,
Executive, Marketing Services,
Star Publications (M) Bhd

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sneakers For College & K-Swiss x Atmos Release

Sneakers offers a wide variety of branded sports shoe catering to sneakerhead enthusiasts. Established a year ago, it has since relocated to SS15 from it's previous outlet in The Summit. Sneakers celebrated its 1st Anniversary by throwing a party themed 'College for Sneakers' and also released K-Swiss's Atmos Collaboration.


The back portion of The First Floor of the Store was transformed into sort of like an Art Gallery showcasing Spoonman's Oneye works.

Love those Bearbricks...

Kim nearly wanted to steal the lamp.

Can't help but to admire the finer details put into these customized shoes.

Goodies complimentary of Sneakers...


The SI 18 Bristel - Fine detailing...

Classic LOS - Classy...

Latest K-Swiss Releases.

Bringing life to art.

The Headlock on Jocey Again...

The crowd anticipating a good time.

Christmas is early this year!

Who's that girl?

Even 'Flies' can't resist not coming.

Tiger FC Week 8

Another pulsating end for the week as once again it was a 3 Horse race for 2nd place as LMF wrapped up 1st Placed on the 1st Day of 3 Match Days. LMF displayed arrogance when going into the final game exclaimed that he was afraid to finish at the bottom although enjoying a 20 point lead. Going into the final game Red had 35 points, Cocky 32 points and UDM 38 points but with 1 less player, Red was at a disadvantage and placed sall his hopes on Newcastle in their home game against Villa. Fortunately for Red, the final pick was his best pick for the week as Martins conjured 2 precious goals and eased Red into 2nd place.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
LMF 80 Points. Total 752 Points

1st Runner Up
Red Army 56 Points. TOTAL - 736 Points

2nd Runner Up
UDM 44 Points. TOTAL - 6 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 38 Points. TOTAL - 636 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (3), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (3), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (2), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (5)

Bring next week on as Red looks to extend his Unbeaten Streak...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sneakers For College

Nothing to do this coming Friday? Why not head off to Sneakers who in conjunction with their 1st Anniversary will be organising an event for all sneakerheads. Themed 'Sneakers For College' students will be entitled to buy footwear at discounted prices. Also there will be the release of the Exclusive K-Swiss x Atmos Collaboration. Hurry as only limited quantities will be available... party starts from 8pm onwards.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tiger FC Week 7

Very intensive week, as imagination was stretched to the limit with 20 games taking place. It was a shocker really since Cocky's performance last week was outstanding, however this week he was simply outclassed as UDM and LMF flexed their muscles going all out and got a good grip on the Championship with brilliant tactics.

UDM became Champion after going neck to neck with LMF all week. The Champion was decided with a photo finish as news on who won was delayed and Reviewed by The Judges (ASSISTS Points) Panel. Red Army was on hibernation mode as he was involved in International Duty with the national team but still managed to get a respectable score to keep pace.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
UDM 144 Points. TOTAL - 649 Points

1st Runner Up
LMF 143 Points. Total 672 Points

2nd Runner Up
Red Army 121 Points. TOTAL - 683 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 98 Points. TOTAL - 598 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (2), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (2), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (1), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (4)

Hot Tip of The Week: Red Army to extend Unbeaten Run.