Friday, March 14, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger - March 2008

Upcoming releases for Onitsuka Tiger. Will reach stores in 2 weeks time.

Mexico 66 - Colour 0143

Mexico 66 - Colour 1586

Runspark - Colour 4202

Fabre DC-S - Colour 0191

Mexico Women - Colour 0188

Mexico Women - Colour 0501

Ultimate Tiger (W) - Colour 0161

Norico - Colour 1101


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Anonymous said...

The blue at the top is the sex!

Muhammad Zuhaili said...

bro, wonder if u could get me the MEXICO 66 Yellow Black! I would buy it asap if ure going to have it!

Tarik said...

Hello there,

May I ask you please if you would know by any chance a webshop in your country which sells these onitsuka tigers (especially runspark blue, beautiful!^^) ? i'm located in France and unfortunately we do not have that range of colors here :(((

Thanks for reading anyway