Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New Hope.

Happy New Year. The last 2 months of the year was a bad one for me personally as many unhappy memories lingered in my mind as 2008 came to a close. I hope that 2009 would be the start of a new high... No New Year Resolutions (as studies have shown that 80% of people never fulfill their resolutions anyway). What better way to start of the New Year by filling up your coffers with dough as Chinese New Year approaches. Then it's back to the race again.

Wait a minute hold on... according to Chinese beliefs, you should also pick the day you resume work as to ensure you have an auspicious year ahead. As such for me, being born in the year of the Horse should resume work on 29th of January according to the fortune chart I received in my Gmail Inbox today. I wonder how accurate this chart is anyway... but following it won't harm either. You could try it out to see if it works by referring to it. (But of course you would have to work hard la... don't expect to resume work and sit at home the whole year expecting money to fall from the sky). Have fun...!!! Bring 2009 on!!!

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