Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tiger FC Week 13

Week 13 was yet another photo finish as the final game of the week was the decider between 1st to 4th placing. After the dust has settled the standings are as follow:

MILF League
Team NameWeekly Points Monthly PointsTotal Points
UDM (Winner)77130582
I Am As Cocky As Ronaldo 5596390

LMF would not have lost if he did not place too much on 21 million pounds striker Wayne Rooney. With nearly 20% of his team budget allocated to Rooney coupled by a freak injury to him on the training grounds, it's not hard to say that LMF was giving a handicap to the rest of us. Even with this setback, LMF still posted some sort of record.., the 'Highest Losing Score' so far. 51 points on average would've given LMF the 1st or 2nd place any another week. Too bad for LMF though, the others like Red Army and Ronaldo has learnt from their past mistakes and are scoring points consistently the past few games.

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