Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tiger FC Week 7

Very intensive week, as imagination was stretched to the limit with 20 games taking place. It was a shocker really since Cocky's performance last week was outstanding, however this week he was simply outclassed as UDM and LMF flexed their muscles going all out and got a good grip on the Championship with brilliant tactics.

UDM became Champion after going neck to neck with LMF all week. The Champion was decided with a photo finish as news on who won was delayed and Reviewed by The Judges (ASSISTS Points) Panel. Red Army was on hibernation mode as he was involved in International Duty with the national team but still managed to get a respectable score to keep pace.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
UDM 144 Points. TOTAL - 649 Points

1st Runner Up
LMF 143 Points. Total 672 Points

2nd Runner Up
Red Army 121 Points. TOTAL - 683 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 98 Points. TOTAL - 598 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (2), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (2), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (1), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (4)

Hot Tip of The Week: Red Army to extend Unbeaten Run.


gumpkin said...

lolz.. international duty with the national team. i like the excuse but ... :D

enjoy the tomyam.

gumpkin said...

wtf need approval only can view. where is comments freedom. lj