Monday, November 10, 2008

Tiger FC Week 8

Another pulsating end for the week as once again it was a 3 Horse race for 2nd place as LMF wrapped up 1st Placed on the 1st Day of 3 Match Days. LMF displayed arrogance when going into the final game exclaimed that he was afraid to finish at the bottom although enjoying a 20 point lead. Going into the final game Red had 35 points, Cocky 32 points and UDM 38 points but with 1 less player, Red was at a disadvantage and placed sall his hopes on Newcastle in their home game against Villa. Fortunately for Red, the final pick was his best pick for the week as Martins conjured 2 precious goals and eased Red into 2nd place.

Final Weekly Points Tally As Below:
LMF 80 Points. Total 752 Points

1st Runner Up
Red Army 56 Points. TOTAL - 736 Points

2nd Runner Up
UDM 44 Points. TOTAL - 6 Points


COCKY "The Special One" RONALDO 38 Points. TOTAL - 636 Points

Current Stats after 7 Match Weeks
Champ - UDM (2), Red Army (2), LMF (3), Cocky (1)
1st Runner Up - Red Army (3), Cocky (1), UDM (3), LMF (1)
2nd Runner Up - Cocky (1), LMF (2), UDM (2), Red Army (3)
Loser - LMF (2), UDM (1), Cocky (5)

Bring next week on as Red looks to extend his Unbeaten Streak...

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