Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Joy and Agony Of Being A Liverpool Fan...

For 82 minutes into the game, I stared at the TV blankly as a Liverpool fan not believing the result displayed on the screen as Liverpool was 1-2 down to Portsmouth. Somehow there was a belief (but I've got to admit I did not had the confidence as before) that Liverpool will not give out without a fight and get a result out of this game with so little time left.

Fortunately Liverpool is blessed with The Miracle.... No not Steven Gerrard (not for today anyway) but none other than The Spanish Matador FERNANDO TORRES.... Enough said. With a minute of the 3 extra minutes allocated, Torres heads in an injury time winner to seal (3-2 score in favour of Liverpool) yet another amazing comeback for the team.

Thank you Fernando Torres for making my day.

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