Monday, February 23, 2009

Shin Jah's Big Day

Shin Jah was my ex-colleague during my days at Castle. Even though we were in different Departments we would occasionally hang out together for work and play. Having a few things and interests in common helped us to keep in touch even though we went separate ways back in 2003. It was not a surprise when he invited me for his BIG Day a month ago as he has been in this relationship was quite some time. What surprised me however was I've not met her once although I do at least catch up with him once a week.

Jeff dedicating one for the bridegroom.

Offering some comfort to Collin.

Bro... you feeling better boh?

Kee Aun: "I think he passed out...", Jeff .... "Woooohhhhh wo ai ni...".

Siew Mei teaching Collin some YOGA poses.

So with nothing to do while waiting for Collin to recover, we randomly took pictures with my mobile phone (Regret not taking my trusty old camera out that night).

Ahhh.. this staff is very thoughtful offering Collin a drink as Wah looks on.

Aiks... Jeff sapu it already.

Somemore dare to smile....

Souvenir from Collin for the staff of HLT.

Collin's dinner....

Pity the person's who's gonna clean up the mess.

Wa lau eh.... Beh TAHAN!

Don't disturb... I'm enjoying my HOT Milo...

Salute to Chris Chang..... Untouchable even though he drank alot.

I'll edit and add more comments later. Time to get to work now.

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