Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Empy a Coke Can in 5 Simple Steps

Some of you know of my interest in collecting Coke cans/bottles. A hobby which I started a long long time ago, however I've stopped collecting Coke cans (and only focus on Coke bottles) as one after another the contents inside leak out after a certain period of time. This always leave a mess and more importantly damages the can as it goes out of shape due to the pressure from within the can forcing itself out. It's heartbreaking to see something I cherish damaged not due to any fault of mine.

Fortunately another avid collector friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous sent me a 5 Step Manual (created by her of course) on how to empty your Coke can without damaging the exterior of the can itself. For sure it will be different as your Coke can will be empty and does not give u the 'feeling' of it being the 'Real Thing' but at least I've the safe knowledge that it won't go out of shape few years down the road. You could view the Manual by clicking on the image below.

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