Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dreams and How They Are Related....

Been dreaming alot lately in my sleep. I do not know how dreams relate to what we do in life. Do dreams tells us how we feel? How do we interprete dreams? There were some noteworthy dreams that i've come across the past few weeks. Not one to remember my dreams in the past ... i jotted them down the moment i woke up whereby the memories were still fresh.

Dream #1
A group of about 50 of us guys were brought to Genting in a bus. I was seated all alone. Then suddenly there was a hijack. It was chaos and people started running around. Some could not make it (goodness where were they heading to) and they slipped and fall. I was caught and brought to this castle like area and imprisoned there. We planned to escape and i got the other inmates up and work out an escape plan. Funnily enough the next thing i know was a Woman reeling down who came down to lecture us saying that it's pure Business. After she left I studied the escape route again. It seem tough and gave me a big problem in the end.

Dream #2
Was in my Grandma's house at the kitchen area. Then one of my cousin (who had just recently passed away) said my jersey looked nice. I checked on it and it's a Leeds jersey by UMBRO. THen was jolted by the sound of a garbage truck coming and wanted to open the gate for them. One of the garbage collector said someone had left a Resume and some Betting Slips. Asked for my name and some personal info.

Dream #3
Dreamt that there lots of flirts that I was having. Sharing a kiss with one gal in particular. Going for an overseas trip and took a bus but with no particular destination. Reach Ram's house and saw Mun Sun as well It was his birthday Went downstairs to buy an adidas 2044 ball. Strange but true ...

Dream #4
I was the Chief Inspector in a triad story with alot of pretty girlfriends. There was this particular naked partner that I touched alot in bed during a private moment. Then I could re-call that there were another 2 gals, one of it always praising her boyfriend by the name of Jerry. In this dream I had to shoot alot of criminals .... killing them with precise headshots. Most of the action involved shootouts and I ended up in hospital after the shootout.

Dream #5
I went to UK with CY. Pass by Indian Street in UK and it looked exactly like Malaysia. Went back to our chalet like apartment and I shared a room with my male companion whereas CY shared hers with a female roommate. Took a nap. CY woked me up and was ordered by her to do something. There was a commotion in the market with BIG crabs running around. The next moment I was playing a computer game with CY where she was killing all the bad guys and I was killing the good guys. In fact I was so cruel that I headshot a woman running away from me with a child on hand. The trip was a one week trip at least.

I would appreciate if anyone can interprete what the above dreams mean. I'm kinda lost for words and ideas on what it is all about.

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