Friday, November 24, 2006

Wow - Car-napping at Sunway ---> USJ ....

This happened today as I was leaving my house when I came across a young guy and an old Uncle jogging. This old Uncle stopped my car and the young guy walked to the side of my car and asked me to wind down my window. Apparently, this poor young guy was just bundled out from his car blindfolded and with his hands tied. I think he was still shell-shocked and he asked for my mobile phone and called up his brother. I passed on my mobile phone to him and he told his brother to pick him up. Without hesitation I offered to give him a lift to a nearby shopping complex.

He then related his story to me. He had just collected his car (a modified Evo) from a workshop in Sunway. Driving away, he was then stopped at a road block by 3 men who were wearing yellow vests. Thinking they were from the RTD, he stopped his car and stepped down. What happened after that scared the shit out of him. Suddenly he was pushed back into his car by the 3 men and one of them immediately took out a big parang and threaten to slit his throat if he shouted or tried to escape. He was then blindfolded and had both his hands tied with a plastic clip with a parang on his neck taking a few blows along the way. Being driven around for a good 20 minutes, he was then pushed down from his car and when he managed to release himself. Dazed, confused and suffering from shock, he hadn't had any clue where he was.

Driving him to Summit USJ, where his elder brother was supposed to pick him up, he called the police along the way (with my mobile phone of course) and told them about what happened. Imagine to my amazement when I overhead him trying to explain to the police office over and over again how the Evo looks like. "Evo.... Itu kereta putih Sports .... Evo .... eRrrr .. kereta sports apa? Kereta sports Evolution ... Mitsubishi punya.... nombor kerea XXX 38 ". It seemed that the officer has no idea what an Evo was. Anyway it was a harrowing time for him and his face looked so pale. Parked my car at the Summit and as we made our way up the escalator I offered to buy him a drink and gave him RM10 but he politely declined both (probably still stunned by what happened). As he walked away from my sight, I could just not imagine what sort of emotions he had to go through on that 20 minute ordeal

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May Leng said...

you should have ask for his number la ! nice to have a friend who drives an Evo ! ;)