Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reflecting Back

7th July 2007. A date to remember and perhaps a day to do something meaningful. Funnily enough today has got me reminiscing 2 embarrassing moments I came across over the years. The first one that comes in my mind happened some time back i guess about 2 years ago ... I had then just finished work and arrived back at Kim's house and went straight up to shower. Halfway showering I grabbed hold of a Shower Gel with the label 'Aromatherapy Shower Gel'... Hmm... Sweet I thought. When I applied the Gel, I felt it was kinda weird for them to label the bottle in white/purple whereas the liquid that I poured out was Green in colour. Anyway I felt that the texture of the Gel was too rough for my skin but thinking it had Aromatherapy features I guess it was something to do with the added preservatives to relax my skin. I stood still for a good 2-3 minutes to let my skin absorb the Shower Gel.

In addition to that I found the scent of the Gel kind of weird. I told myself maybe it's something I could get comfortable later on since it's the first time trying. Next into the showers was TS (don't wanna reveal his name la). After TS came out from the showers we were relaxing watching telly. I found myself feeling uncomfortable all over. Shortly after that, Kim came running down and asked who used her Laundry Detergent as she had just filled them into the Shower Gel bottle. TS and I then looked at each other and laughed ourselves silly.

Aromatherapy? Or Perhaps Not After Kim Sabotaged Us.

There was also this particular incident when I was brushing my teeth. Having put away my glasses aside while brushing my teeth, I conveniently took hold of the bottle with the gold coloured liquid. Filling up an entire cap, I then poured the whole cap and gargled away. Within 2 seconds of gargling I spitted out everything? WTF I thought? I then examined the bottle closely and it read 'Dettol' instead of 'Listerine'. Holy Shit. The feeling was sensational... The effects? Let's just say I couldn't taste my food for an entire week. I was thinking ... who in the right frame of mind will put Dettol beside or near toothpaste and toothbrush? An interrogation session later revealed that Kim was the culprit again.

Another Sabotage by Lil' Kim.

Proper Mouth Antiseptic

Moral of The Story (Some of it meant to be sarcastic of course):

  1. Never ever re-use bottles and fill them with other form of liquid/substance unless u re-label them.
  2. Never place items that are harmful/toxic at eye-level. Keep them out of reach.
  3. Be smart and check the contents before you use them.
  4. Don't shower in some one's house without your own toiletries.


dannie chOOng said...

Your blog entry is nice, enjoy reading it. Btw, answering the question you left @ my blog - Restaurant name is called Soon Seng. Located behind Klang Parade. Boss name is Norman Tan, RSVP : 33421300.

'Good Boy' said...

Hallo! Nice blog! I like ur food pic. So nice, made me go hungry!! Have a goody day!

May Leng said...

reading some of your older posts from my feed. i dont feel that silly anymore.there is you, who is sillier than me !! LOL

I always wanted to know what happens if you gaggle with Dettol. Now, I know. Thanks !

hey, I'm also curious what happens if you swallow Dettol. Go, go ..try ..let me know !

Next time, I know who to share my curiosity to .. you're such a great friend ..can feed my curiosity ..hehe

KA® said...

dannie: thanks for the info ...

good boy: got now go food hunting

may leng: for such a small person like you .. you really have alot of space to fill yourself with comments that makes fun of me ... SAD liao

Kei said...

Haha! Funny lar you... lolx