Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stressful Day

I was at Mid Valley to buy bus tickets for my upcoming trip to Singapore. The Airebus Counter was in Boulevard Hotel and proceeded to buy them. However, to my disappointment I was told that I would have to come back a short while as they were having technical glitches with their system. Rather than wondering when they will be able to sort out the error, I left my contact details hoping that they will call me once they were done. Thinking I had a little bit of time to spare I went Transformers Toy hunting but to my amazement, they were sold out almost everywhere. A short chat with the staff from the Toys Dept. revealed that the toys were snapped up like hot cakes and they are still waiting for the repeat orders form Hasbro to come in. An hour gone and I was back at the counter to check on the availability of the tickets and still the problem has not been sorted out. Bloody hell, ended up spending my time in Mid Valley walking aimlessly. To cut short the story I was made to wait close to a full 3 hours for the tickets, with the reason being, they can't get the Internet connection up. Not even a simple apology was given by the staff manning the counter.

My Bus Ticket.

What It Should've Been After Waiting for close to 3 hours.

If I thought my time spent waiting for tickets were bad, imagine what I had to endure when I watched Harry Potter (HP) later that day. Quite a number of people I spoke to did not enjoy the movie. I on the other hand found the latest instalment of HP in the movies enjoyable. Gone are the Quidditch games and mini fun adventures as HP grows up and face the harsher realities of life. This HP is much darker, confused and angst filled. However, I couldn't fully enjoy the movie as I was having an upset tummy throughout the movie. It was pure agony wanting the movie to finish as fast as possible. At times, the adrenalin rush from within my body gave me more sensation than the movie itself. I suspect it must've been the Pizza that I had for dinner. But could it have been something else that I ate as only myself and Michael were crying our asses out the whole night whereas Gumpkins and Kim were fine all night long. Hmmm... I'm still wondering.


daniel said...

mmm... why you always go Singapore wan. I jealous. LOLs.

anyways good to know you're doing FINE!



Jamie said...

didn't really see the pass few installments of HP. Betcha that am going to miss this one too....not really HP fan.

advice bro....go bomb next time yr tummy feels funny...not worth the shit( hehehe..sorry for the pun ).

May Leng said...

oooii ....Got HP tickets never invite me la .. Ok, don't friend you oredi :P

KA® said...

daniel : it's all about work .... it's different if you go for holidays though ....

jamie: i can only do the business in the comfort of my personal toilet bowl ... hehehe ... don't know why ...

may leng: i wasn't the organiser .... blame someone else please!!!