Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trip To Singapore

Arriving at Singapore, I wasn't able to recall how different it looked the last I came as it was quite some time ago. Putting up along Geylang Road, night life seemed very exciting in Singapore.

Geylang Road. Need I say more?

As I was on a work related trip, I did not have much time to look around as my days there were occupied with meeting and when I had time it was already late in the evening. The only places I went to were Marina Square and Vivo City.

Transformers at Toy's 'R' Us at Vivo City.

Big Bot! Prime Time.

Fortunately there were some good people in Singapore who were kind enough to spend their time making sure I got a look around of Night Life around the city.

Parking In Singapore. Supposedly most of the drivers there resort to reverse parking.

While in Malaysia .... this is the style of parking we resort to

No Belakang Mari usually.

Before I went, I was recommended by a friend of mine to tried out the Seafood in Pasir Panjang (PP) so I insisted on sampling around (PP).

Hua Kee.

Hmmm .. are they good?

Crabs. At SGD33 kinda cut throat.

Unfortunately the taste was just a bit not to my liking (to say the least). However the mutton satay served saved the day.

Dining with P. Yee and Zhao Quan.

At least the Satay tasted good.

After feasting on some good old Singaporean food, we headed towards Clark Quay. Lying near the mouth of the Singapore River, the site was the centre of commerce during the late 19th century. Today, Clarke Quay is still buzzing with life and activity but of a different kind. The waterfront godowns now play host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. The bustling market atmosphere of bygone days comes alive amidst the rows of charming shophouses, pushcarts, and five-foot-way merchants.

Among the first thing I noticed at Clark Quay was this Reverse Bungy Jump that was going on. also known as The G-MAX it was invented in New Zealand by Troy Griffin in 1995 (Well New Zealanders have to find something better to do besides playing around with sheeps and cows don't they?). Boasting a 10 year international operational record of over a million jumps with a 100% safety record, you can't help stopping yourself from trying it out. Accommodating up to 3 per jump, you can share your experience with a friend of yours in the event you are not confident on trying it out alone. Attached to a bungy cord, it will launch itself 60 metres in the air and the poor soul will be experiencing G-Forces of a F1 driver. Add to that there is a DVD recording that will be screened LIVE to curious onlookers who will enjoy your every scream throughout the ride. Priced at SGD 40 per ride, you could opt to purchase a recording of your entire ordeal at SGD 10 in the form of a DVD.

G Max Reverse Bungy.

Holy Cow! Slingshot 60 metres up.

Turkish Ice-Cream. The owner looks familiar.

Mortuary. CSI Wannabes


Walking along Clark Quay, bumped into Dawn Yang. Time stood still as I admired her good looks but not wanting to look like a total freak to her, I restrained myself from approaching her and got along with the rest who were waiting for me.

We then walked around aimlessly for a good hour before deciding to rest awhile savouring food and enjoy some eye candy at Hooters®. FYI, Hooters® a place where the waitresses are dressed (or looked undressed to some) to kill ... With their orange hot pants and transparent white tees, some can't help it but to try their luck with the girls.

Hooters® Fans.

The closest Hooter I got to all night.

1 Nite Stand? Hmmm .....

Spending 3 tiring days in Singapore, I really wish I had more time to explore around. But with my next trip to Singapore this coming Thursday, there's more for me to write about next time round.


:: Nicole :: said...

sigh.. i miss sg!!! anyway, i've yet to go to hooters :p haiyah, u should snap a pic with dawn and some hooters.. hehe..

38kia said...

haha, i like the car parking style..

Gallivanter said...

Well, that parking style just highlights the kiasuness levels of both countries. LOL.

KA® said...

nicole: well Dawn seemed so unreal ... i tell you ... as for the hooters ... there's always next time ...

38kia and gallivanter: that's the way it is down south ... hmmm still wondering why