Monday, July 09, 2007

Milx's Work featured on Don't Panic

Well not long ago I posted a little info about Milx here. Guess what? Milx's art is featured in Don't Panic's latest gift pack. Just in case you're wondering what Don't Panic is all about, check out the following information I received from Fairil, Don't Panic's Sales Manager.

Don't Panic is a FREE publication in the form of a goodie bag. It started off in the UK 6 years ago as a club promotional pack. So instead of clubs distributing their flyers themselves, Don't Panic took most club flyers and put it into a single pack which became the single source of information for clubbers. However, Corporate clients saw the potential in reaching Don't Panic target audiences because these are the trendsetters and spend money. So they hopped on, and Don't Panic became the single source of information for Lifestyle. Inside these packs include promotional flyers, inserts, posters that all pertain to design and Free samples such as condoms, candy, gum, stickers, badges, cds and etc. 20,000 packs a month is distributed to the trendiest retail outlets, cafe's and bistros, creative colleges and universities, bars and clubs as well as many events. The most unique thing is that everything in the pack pertains to design and art, where we will put emphasis on helping our local talent in Malaysia ranging from artists, painters, performers and musicians etc.

Do check out Milx's art below.

Wish I can draw like that.

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