Sunday, July 01, 2007

JUICE 5th Anniversary

JUICE 5th Anniversary Party.
Date: 30th June 2007.
Venue: Passion/Poppy
Theme: Do You Wanna Get Rocked?

Celebrating JUICE's 5th year in existence, the cool chaps at JUICE again celebrate it BIG time by having a Grand Party at Passion/Poppy.

Onitsuka Tiger was one of the Co-Sponsors for the event and we sponsored some prizes for the event as well as provided footwear for the Fashion Show.
After making sure everything was running smooth from my side. I finished up with the rest of the chores for the day and when I reached Kim's place I caught 40 winks.

Finalising on The Backdrop.

Passion/Poppy View From Outside.

Rules & Regulations.

All Ready for the Night.

Onitsuka Tiger Banners.

Our Invites.

Due to the fact that I only had limited invites for the Event, I could not include my other brothers for this Event. Sorry eh. .. next time I will make up. With the event starting at 9pm, we reached there early and hurriedly grab a few bites before making our way back to Passion/Poppy. Forgetting that Elaine was waiting there, the poor gal was practically waiting and did not know whether she was or was not suppose to queue up with the BIG crowd outside as I did not answer her calls or replied to her SMS-es. Well ... how's that for a first meeting? Anyway, apologies were accepted swiftly and we made our way in and were handed a Goody Bag each with loads of goodies inside. We were greeted VIP style (like The Oscars) as Jehan from JUICE (and myself) just clicked our cameras away as we made our way inside.

Guess what this girl was distributing.... Scroll down to the last photo of this post if you still can't guess.

JUICE is 5.

The event, based on a Rock Theme definitely had got many dressed up Rocker Style. We had Axel Rose and Joanne Jett look-alikes walking around but the crowd from the VIP Stand was not entirely focused on what was going down on in the main stage as it was splitted into 2 different floors. But nevertheless those from the VIP stand who were enthuastic enough found their place in the balcony and concentrated on the Event whereas the others partied away. For us though, we had the best of both worlds as the place where we hang out gave us access to both places at any given time.

Kim and Jacequline. Long lost sisters.

With Jacequline.

What's with the monkey faces?

Too close for comfort.

Just chilling out.

Channel [V] VJ Joey G. Hehehe .. pesky fingers behind.

Joey G ... Eric's so tall.

Elaine. Sorry cause I kept you waiting outside while I was having dinner.

My Sanctuary .... My Zen.

3 Glasses and She's High.

Goodie Bag! Let's See What's Inside.

Snakes & Ladders - Carlsberg Style.



Nah... It's Stick them UP Condoms.


cheayee said...

Calsberg snake & ladders?

Ha cute.

Cheeky@Porito said... lieng lui, girls, condom....etc...
happening lah you! :D

KA® said...

cheayee: yeah wanna play?

cheeky@portio: well no partying for the time being since i've used up my party coupons for the year.