Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers The Movie Review

WARNING: For Those Who Have Yet To Watch ... Spoilers Ahead If You Read On

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Majestic Prime

Someone pinch me please ... I had a wet dream last night and it lasted more than 2 1/2 hours. Some of you may beg to differ but I found Transformers totally out of this world. A movie that is a revelation by itself. Something in the likes or possibly beyond the standards set by Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings. I was like a 10 year old looking in awe admiring everything about the movie. Everything (most of it anyway) about the movie rocked. From the introduction of Blackout, my heartbeat went faster than usual and cheered ecstatically when he transformed and began wiping out everything in sight and right up to the end when Optimus made a call for the remaining Autobots to join them on Earth (add to that when the credits were rolling and Starscream made his escape), I was climaxing all over. Even Mikaela (Megan Fox) and the soundtrack rocked. Here's a list of scenes from the movie that I can't shut off from my mind right now.

Most Memorable Scenes
  1. Blackout annihilating the US base in Qatar.
  2. The Air Force jets coming to the rescue of the survivors form the base in Qatar and fires repeatedly at Scorponok until he 'find a hole to get himself into' (direct translation from Cantonese).
  3. Bumblebee slapping the Volkswagon (A slap in the face for the Executives at Volkswagon). Imagine if Volks have given the rights, the scene will change instead to Bumblebee scanning the new Volks or turning into GoldBug.
  4. The clash between Barricade and Bumblebee. Move aside The Fast and The Furious, you're pawned!
  5. Mikaela nitpicking on the condition of Bumblebee ... Bumblebee then throws them off and gets himself a complete makeover in the form of a new Camaro.
  6. The Autobots landing on Earth and scanning and turning into their Vehicle forms.
  7. Optimus Prime introducing the Autobots to Sam and Mikaela.
  8. Starscream transforming mid air and and at the same time taking out the other F22's.
  9. Bumblebee being escorted by the other Autobots. Reminds me of the Generation 1 War Dawn episode.
  10. Highway chase scene climaxing with Optimus Prime finishing off Bonecrusher with his Energon Sword. Fuiyoh, in my opinion Prime ought to be brutal and display more killer instincts like these. Well .... if he does that, he ain't Prime anymore right?
  11. Megatron (or was it Starscream) 'jentik' away the human being .... while muttering "DISGUSTING". Fucking hilarious!
Grouses (and other Movie References?)
  1. Ladiesman 217? What a loser. Hehehe.... (American Pie)
  2. Sector 7? What a load of bollocks. (X-Files and Men In Black)
  3. Bumblebee has a pee-hole.
  4. Autobots don't need to hide from parents. Ironhide should've just wiped them out and ask questions later (Just imagining.. hehehe...).
  5. Jazz died too pre-maturely and too easily. At least let him die in a blaze of glory. For him to be caught by Megatron and just snapped into 2. WTF???
  6. Our favourite Decepticons, Megatron and Starscream had so little screen time. At last count, Frenzy and Barricade had more screen time than the 2 combined. (Star Wars 1 - Jar Jar Binks VS R2D2 and C3P0)

Prime kicking ass!
Fuck! I was emotionless leaving the cinema (due to the fact I had expressed every expression I have) and I wanna cry writing this. Totally unexplainable the emotions that I went through. This is what I wanna experience with movies .... Thank you Transformers !!!


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