Saturday, June 23, 2007

Autobots Roll Out, Decepticons Attack!

They have arrived!!! After months of intense promo, teaser trailers, news-feed and waiting, The Transformers have finally arrived in Malaysia. I am super excited by the hype given for this movie and can't wait to finally watch it when it premieres on the 28th June 2007!

Spotted at KLCC

Their War .... Our World

Choose a side ... any side

The Battle Continues at The Curve, Damansara

Megatron makes a grand entrance

The Cast

Optimus' latest sidekick. ROD-IMUS

The Final Battle

Will the movie rock or bomb? I have great expectations for the movie and I'm hoping the teaser trailers are just the tip of the iceberg for a story that offers so much potential. Let's hope for Transformers fans alike, it'll be something to remember (positively) for years to come.

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