Monday, June 11, 2007

Lazy Weekend Post

Where do you get your dosage of Bak Kut Teh(BKT)? I swear by BKT's from Klang. Developing a craving for BKT all of a sudden but without much time (to go to Klang and back to catch Shrek 3), decided to head down to SS14 in Subang Jaya for BKT instead. Well .... I do not know when it started but sometime back I don't remember any BKT shops in this area. One pops out and like mushrooms, the rest tag along on the new found fame and suddenly the place is known as BKT Street in Subang Jaya. You see, having so many BKT's along the same road confuses us. They all claim to be the original and us the poor souls have to try each and every one of them before we can come to a conclusion on which is the best.

I was recently introduced to this BKT Restaurant known as Restoran Ah Ping Bak Kut Teh (sounds like rojak language to me) so being one who have tried it, I recommended it to Kim. FYI if you're in SS15 McDonald's (McD's) you can actually see this BKT Restaurant as it's opposite McD's across the elevated highway.

Too Malas To Take a Better Photo

The BKT's here are actually good... good enough at least to rival 1 or 2 BKT eateries in Klang. The herbs and ingredients in the soup are not as strong as the ones you find in Klang but yet they have their own appeal. The BKT tasted satisfying enough with a good mixture of lean and fat meat together with various intestines. The vege served was fresh and tasted just right. Add to that some soy sauce, thick black sauce and chilli, it was a gratifying meal at least.

My Pot of Gold

A Well Balanced Meal

Specialities: Bak Kut Teh served with Rice and Chinese Tea
Stall Location: Jalan SS14 Subang Jaya (opposite SS15 McDonalds's and Metropolitan College)
Business Hours: 10.00am to 10:00pm (unless they are sold out)
Type of Food: Chinese, Non-Halal
Value for Money: Okay
Parking: Packed during office hours, otherwise ample parking space

However with our movie starting in 30 minutes, finishing everything in a mere 15-20 minutes was pure hell. You burn your tongue, sweat profusely, deep throat the meat (sounds kinky eh? i meant swallowing without much chewing actually) and also worry about not making it on time.

Finished our BKT in record time and rushed off to catch our movie. With our Movie Freak President carefully making prior plans and arrangements for the movie, I was determined not to be late for it unless I wanna get screwed. Hehehe ....

Return of The Green Ogre

Happy Family. Why Am I Never In These Nice Photos?

To be honest, Shrek 3 wasn't as enjoyable as Shrek 1 or 2, still for RM9 it's worth to watch it. Also something caught my eye.

Giant M&M

This piece of M&M caught my eye because I know Gumpkins will not hesitate to get one for himself. So I just enquired how much is it. The reply I got was this was for display only. Luckily Gumpkins wasn't there if not the conversation would have been something to this extent.

Gumpkins: How much is that Giant M&M?
Employee: Sorry Sir it's not for Sale.
Gumpkins: Name your price.
Employee: Sorry Sir it's not for Sale. This is meant for display only.
Gumpkins: You all S*H*I ah? Display only? Put out for what? Better don't put out. Make me see get itchy only!!! KNN CCB... You all so S*H*I dunno how to make money? You sell this thing I wouldn't mind paying a fortune for it or above market price also.
Employee: But Sir ... (interrupted halfway)
Gumpkins: But What? S*H*I .. la you ... Worse than a friend of mine.

Hehehe .... just imagining ....

FYI: Gumpkin's a M&M freak ..... He collects anything that is related to M&M's. So if you're short of cash and there's an M&M's memorabilia around(be it a wrapper, blow up doll, vibrator, chocolate, pencil box, dustbin, etc), please look for him la. He'll be happier than you at the end of the transaction. And If by any chance you're living in Ireland and you wanna earn some brownie points, you can surprise him with you know what la.

Take It Home - As Requested By Gumpkins

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wen said...

urm,for future reference,if u see mnm figurines, RUN!!
What he doesnt know, or in this case, doesnt see, wouldnt hurt!!
i mou chin liao.