Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Attack Of The Bees

Waking up last Friday ... I was informed by Mum that there's a beehive in our garden. Due to the lack of sleep the previous night slowly made my way to the hive and half heartedly told myself I'll sort it out. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sight of it. Imagine thousands of bees combined into one. My head itched right to my toes when I laid eyes on it. As I was in a hurry I did not bothered to do anything and rushed off to work.

First Sight...

Gross .....

2 days passed and I checked on the hive again. This time it was really huge and I imagined how it would pose danger to the kids playing outside of their houses. What if the hive was struck by a stray ball? Felt sorry for the bees but left without any choice, I knew straight away I had to do something about it (and part of it due to someone nagging about it).

Looks like a jackfruit

The more I Look At It ... The More I Felt the Itch.

Close Up

Waited for nightfall and armed with a helmet, a torchlight and a can of Mortein I made my way to the hive in the dark. As soon as I sprayed Mortein on the hive I could hear the buzzing of the bees. And yet again my hair stood from head to toe. After a good 5 minutes of spraying, I made my way back in.

The next morning what was left was like a warzone. Dead bees were on all over the ground and the ants were having a field day. What was left to remind was a piece of honeycomb left behind.


Looks like a piece of Sponge

Dead bees

Buffet for Ants


Latest Update: I realised the Honeycomb was stolen when i came home in the evening ....

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wen said...

back to haunt you... love,queen bee.