Saturday, June 02, 2007

Food Review - Mixed Pork Soup with Rice

I was caught up with a traffic jam at the heart of KL last night and decided to revisit a place I used to had the best Mixed Pork Rice.

Located at the Jalan Silang junction (opposite RHB Bank), this stall is run by a Middle Aged Man and his family. Their mixed pork Soup (with Rice) is really one of the best I ever had.

A short chat with him revealed that business nowadays are quite bad as the majority of the younger crowd do not indulge into this kind of food anymore. These youngsters who frequent his stall only do so when their parents bring them there, otherwise he hardly gets young first timer customers.

He used to even get tourists from Singapore who comes over with a Food Review pullout.
The stall there used to open at 6pm and finish around 9pm but due to slow business these days he has to extend to 10pm and add to the fact that the stall is located right in front of a bus stop area, he has to open later now as they are genreally more buses these days cmpared to 10 years back. Friendly in nature the owner even allowed me to take some pictures of his stall when i requested permission to do so.

Specialities: Mixed Pork Soup consisiting of pig intestines (blood cubes, stomach, meat .. and etc) served with Rice and Chilli Sauce.
Stall Location: Along Jalan Silang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur (opposite RHB Bank)
Business Hours: 6.00pm to 10:00pm (unless they are sold out)
Rest Day: Monday
Type of Food: Chinese, Non-Halal
Value for Money: Excellent
Parking: Illegal Parking.... unless you don't mind walking

That's my take home order (Tapau)

Still as good.

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