Monday, June 18, 2007

Excursion to Kampung Subang & Sg. Buloh

I was called upon to go food hunting within the heart of Kampung Subang on a lazy Saturday. As the name suggests, Bak Kut Teh (BKT) was the forte of the restaurant, however it's not BKT that I'll be sampling for this trip, as I was recommended to try out the Claypot Loh Shue Fun (called Mice Noodles errr don't ask why but i guess the noodles look like mouse tail) instead. Add to the fact that the rest had started and were almost finished with their food when I arrived ... thus I had no chance to try out the BKT this time around.

Chong Fue BKT

There's nothing much to shout about the claypot noodles ... however there is a special mention for the Yellow Wine Chicken (direct chinese translation). Usually associated as 'food therapy' for women who had just given birth, I have developed a liking for this particular dish quite recently. With a combination of Yellow Wine, slices of ginger and chicken this dish time and time again simply sends my taste buds tingling with satisfaction. In fact, those who have a low alcohol threshold can also enjoy this dish as the amount of Yellow Wine will not be too intoxicating.

Yellow Wine Chicken

Dao Jim Noodles

Loh Shue Fun

Awww man ... just left with ... errr .. leftovers

Gone in 60 seconds

Geez you guys sure eat alot

Specialties: Bak Kut Teh (Did not try though), Claypot Loh Shue Fun served with pork and vegetables, Yellow Wine Chicken
Stall Location: Along Kampung Baru Subang, the road leading to TUDM
Business Hours: Unknown
Rest Day: Unknown
Type of Food: Chinese, Non-Halal
Value for Money: Not Bad
Parking: Ample parking space

A trip to Sg. Buloh then was the payback for the free lunch. Not actually keen to go but since I have no plans for the day, just tagged along. The road leading to Sg. Buloh from Kg. Subang were not in good condition as expansion work was underway. The rain didn't help either making visibility poor ... so it was a slow journey all the way. Upon reaching our destination, I was fascinated by the wide array of flowers available and got my camera clicking.

After the rain...

Aren't they beautiful?

Flowers and more flowers

Papparazzi at work

Probably due to the good cold weather after the rain I was in a good mood and went exploring. Kim went crazy and picked things up like they were FREE. See how she filled the back seat of her car below.

Result of Flower Shopping The Crazy Way

Once Flower Shopping was over, we then moved on to the next stage... Planting them... The slight drizzle didn't deter us from achieving our objective of putting up all the flowers.

Damn you Gardeners!

A very willing and helpful participant

Done at LAST...

Very satisfying work indeed after 2 hours of gardening. But for now ... no more gardening for me ....

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