Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pig Farm Visit

Sometime back I was invited by a friend of mine to visit a pig farm. Being a resident of the city for quite some time I grabbed this opportunity to tag along on a visit to the unknown. A short 2 hour journey (plus stops for food and toilet breaks) and I was there. Believe me, I expected it to be filthy smelly and run-down but perhaps due to the JE disease that hit Malaysia a few years back, the facilities here are actually better than you expect.

Something really smells in here!

Fresh air please.

Hmmmmm... Where does this flow to?

Feeding Time

Getting ready for the pig race

The Bodybuilders

Check out that flirt swinging her sexy tail

Milk ....

Why do I look different? Am i adopted?


It was really a trip worth going for as it's an eye opening experience to witness the amount of work involved in rearing pigs. You'll be guessing whether I will still eat pork after such a trip. Nah .... I still love my ham and bacons.

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