Monday, July 30, 2007

Onitsuka Tiger - August Releases

Upcoming August 2007 Releases. The following shoes will be released towards the end of August at Isetan KLCC.


Jamie said...

never heard of the brand bro ( me a bit of jakun ) but the stripes looks a bit like asics series. Wonder how much it'll cost?

KA® said...

hi there jamie ... no lar i wouldn't label u as a jakun ... just someone who wants to find out more ... to answer your question Onitsuka Tiger is actually by Asics .. they do have 3 categories actually:

1. ASICS Performance - Performance Based Shoes
2. ASICS Sports Style - Life Style Based
3. Onitsuka Tiger - Life Style Oriented

You can actually source for more info from

Prices for Onitsuka Tigers range from RM 299 - RM 449.

Yen said...

thanks for visiting and yes we, me and friends travel quite a fair bit over the weekends. not singapore though.

keep on playing

Jamie said...

thanks for link bro...will surely check it out.

To tell you the truth, I am more of a Adidas have any jalan on Adidas goods?

KA® said...

jamie: yes i do .... i used to work there :)

mrazz said...

seriously? selling at isetan?
ive to wait for my girl to buy them for me at s'pore!

squirrel under a coconut tree. said...

i just love the tigers,but i find it hard to look for the perfect pair.mostly the shops i go to have realy limited designs and i dunno,just not many tigers..where do i find a store which has really banyak onitsuka tiger?im desperate.