Monday, August 27, 2007

2007 Subang Jaya 10km Run

Run Day. I lay awake at my bed staring at the ceiling. Thinking I should rest more as I was to exert lots of energy when i run later, I closed my eyes and tried my best to continue sleeping. Tough luck as my phone rang. I answered the call and it was Jacequline at the other end informing me that her friend will not be turning up for the Run. I asked why and she said it was raining heavily and decided not to turn up for the Run and asked me to check outside. Initially I insisted it was not raining at all but after much persuasion I jolted up from bed and look out from my window. It was definitely raining but not as heavy as I imagined. Fine I thought, but one problem though as her friend was holding on to the Running Numbers. God had mercy though when she offered to collect the Numbers on my behalf and in turn I had to collect from her later. After hanging up I took a quick peek on my phone and realised it was 5:30am. Arrgghh ... I wanna sleep for another 15 minutes at least. I closed my eyes and in less than a minute the phone went buzzing again. This time it was an SMS from Rush saying that he will not turn up due to transport problems as Rezal's daughter was admitted to the hospital. Ok .... 3 out of 6 has cancelled so far... I still have another 3 friends joining me.

I then proceeded to prepare myself and by the time I was ready I received another sms from Eric saying it's raining ... What should we do? I promptly answered ... "Well if it rains, it's a good chance to see girls in their wet t-shirts". My reply yielded a positive feedback ... I'm still wondering was it because of the t-shirt thingy.... Without wasting much time I rushed over to collect the Numbers from Jacq at Sunway and rushed back to meet up with Eric who had already arrived earlier than expected. By that point of time Chris SMS-ed me and said he's not coming because he's not feeling well.... Oklar nevermind. The rain by then had stopped. With the early morning downpour, the weather was simply ideal for running.

Gathering for the Start of the race.

Besides running my personal best or finishing in the medals tally (at the moment still not possible but definitely not impossible), competing against another in the course of the race is one of the many prime motivators for me. With people of all walks and ages participating in the run, I can't help but to identify a few individuals that are of similar built with myself and silently waging my own personal race with them.

After standing for about 15 minutes at the Starting point, Mr. Lee Hwa Beng's 'short gun' *popped* and we started running like a herd of cows being released. Eric looked so excited and ran away smiling... I think he was imagining it being a mass orgy. Running at a steady pace, I managed to run continuously without stopping for the first 20 minutes. After the first 4km, I was gasping for air like a fish on land and regretablly slowed down to walking pace. I was then running and stopping to my disappointment when midway through a girl of about the same age as me caught up ... looked and smiled at me coyly and said "Doing great huh?" i answered ... "You're the one doing great" ... thinking to myself i shouldn't lose to her .. i re-focused and sped away. Too bad I did not know how/when she finished though or I would've at least asked for her number.

It was my 3rd Subang Jaya 10km run over a span of 7 years, and believe me .... you just can't imagine how big USJ is until you really cover every inch by foot. So after 72 minutes of agony, I crossed the Finish Line with the satisfaction that I ran another 10km run but of course I would improve on my timing for the next run.

End of the torture. After a 72 minute ordeal.

Looks more of like a Sales Carnival eh?

Eric - Happy Finisher ... His first 10km Run in ages.

Just a little more. Go go go.

Michael Jackson's Thriller Troupe.

Crowd joining into the fray.

Happy with ourselves as we managed to complete the Run without injuring ourselves.


Vincent said...

Hi! Followed your link from MalaysiaBloggers and ended up here :)

cbenc12 said...

wow, ur perserverance is something to be admired.. many of ur frens pulled back the last minute but u still continue! ;)

or is it really the wet t-shirt?

traCe said...

hey Kee.. good exercise & hope you'll entitle for the running cert next year. Add oil! =)

KA® said...

vincent: thanks for popping by ...

cbenc12: what to do ....? well the wet t-shirt was in my mind all day actually ....

trace: thanks for the well wishes .. wanna join me as well?

traCe said...

ha! ha! I can join you but I will cheer you at the finishing line can? :)