Monday, August 13, 2007

Tiger FC Fantasy Football League

The 2007/8 season of the English Premier League (EPL) has started and what a weekend we were treated to. Sunderland begin their season on a high when Michael Chopra grabbed a late winner against Tottenham giving Roy Keane his first victory as Manager in the EPL.

Title challengers Arsenal and Liverpool can count themselves fortunate not to share points with their opponents as they each made their own respective comebacks with late goals to claim 3 points. Meanwhile Chelsea exchanged blows with Birmingham before prevailing 3-2 and claim their customary 3 points. Premiership Champions Manchester United could only secure a Home Draw with bogey team Reading, thus began their title defence with 2 points dropped.

With the season just underway, teams with new additions need time to adjust themselves before they could show their true potential. I do not expect the 2 teams (Newcastle United and Manchester City) currently occupying the top 2 spots to stay long on top as the season picks up. As usual there was alot of drama but none more eventful than Dave Kitson's appearance as a substitute as he only lasted a mere 37 seconds before begin sent off after a wild lunge at Patrick Evra. Jens Lehmann nearly outdo Kitson when he misjudged a back pass and presented Fulham a goal. Fortunately for him, Arsenal managed to make a comeback otherwise Arsene Wenger would've given him a rollocking.

Anyway, besides watching the games this season, how else can you enjoy your EPL other than punting? There's the Tiger FC Fantasy League and I'm aiming for the Grand Prize of a Trip To England plus RM1,500.00 cash! What are you waiting for? Sign up and pit your skills against mine by joining my Mini League!

Mini League: MILF
Password: maniac8


Jamie said...

bro, cannot enter woh..why ar?

Jamie said...

created and submitted my application to join MILF. my team name is minime...

KA® said...

jamie: welcome to the club!