Wednesday, August 08, 2007

adidas King of The Road

It's been 3 days since my run and I'm still aching all over. It could be said I brought this upon myself when I participated in the adidas King of The Road Run without any form of training after a 2 year hiatus from running prior to Race Day. I blame myself as my body was suddenly thrown into the fray to run a 10km event without any form of physical or mental preparation beforehand. The last time I ran was actually in adidas's 4x3km run back in 2005 as such I was not in prime condition to go through this gruelling experience. Nevertheless since I've vowed to resume running earlier, I thought to myself I might as well start now or never.

The alarm buzzed off at 5am and I promptly woke up wondering to myself why i resort to such punishment to my body? I stood up and a mirror check of myself revealed a bulging waistline that needed a complete makeover immediately. This made me more determined than ever and hurried myself to get ready before I change my mind.

Upon reaching Sunway I text-ed San (who told me she was taking part in the run as well) and asked where she was. 5 minutes on and without a reply it was very obvious that she did not keep her end of the bargain (Well she only replied to me around 2pm but that's another story that I will rather not dwell on). I then met up with Rezal and Rush who were waiting for their Running Numbers from me. Rather surprisingly, I also caught sight of KC, Fredrick, Asri and Danny in the crowd. Didn't know they were regular runners as well. Oklar good also... I will have more mates for my future runs.

21km Run - Samy Vellu pointing his gun up before the start. Toll prices to increase after this Run?

Kings of The Road really .... New Pantai Expressway (NPE) was closed till 10am.

Our food ration for the week ...

After the runners for the 21km run started, we were next in line and I felt as though it was a pack of wild animals that were caged up for 10 years being released into the wild. Pounding footsteps were heard left, right front and back as we made our way running towards the NPE. My pace for the first 2.5km was pretty good (to my standards anyway) but when i reach the 3km mark, i felt pain on my left knee. I don't know why .. but it must be due to the lack of training and not going through a proper warm up regime that led to this injury. So i resort to running at a slower pace but as the pain grew, I slowed down and walked until the pain subsided before I resume running again. This cycle went on and on throughout the whole race.

One hot chick after another overtook me (geramnya) ... I tried keeping pace by concentrating on (ahem!) them but sad to say I failed to do so miserably. What stamina they have, I thought to myself. Even Aunties that weighed heavier and looked unfit were overtaking me ... I looked at them feeling frustrated and I could've swored one Aunty looked back at me with an evil grin that sent out this message, "Bloody young useless prick ... I beat the crap out of you". To add salt into injury, by the 5km mark, runners from the 21km that ran an extra 10km on a longer route had already started overtaking me on the road leading to the finish line.

After about an hour plus of sight seeing and enjoying some eye candy, I was so relieved when it read 1km to go .... and eventually finished my race just in front of Deena (didn't know she took part either). All in it took me 70 minutes to finish a 10km run. Embarrassed I was but I won't (hopefully) be that awful next time round.

After 70 minutes. Done and dusted.

Rezal .... Woohoo ... with a medal after he finished in 132nd Place in a time of 55 minutes. As for myself, better luck next time round.

3 mouseketeers (Rezal, Rush and myself). Rezal's running number 1532 came out in today's Sports Toto Draw.

Post Race - Caught up with my ex colleagues from adidas.

Anna-Rina ... She has talked the talk and walked the walk. Need I say more?

KC, Fredrick and myself. Poor KC finished his race in the time stipulated for the Men's Veteran Open but apparently he entered the wrong running Category.

Leila and Rozie. Ladies ... you sure you didn't smell anything foul standing so close to me?

Aida - Very Happy Volunteer.

Aida .. Will you (s)MELLY me?

Foosball Champ - Introducing Zinedine Shidan.

Guy in Red... His big toe was bleeding profusely and had to be piggy backed home.

All in all a very good experience after being away from the running scene for 2 years .... Next Run for me will be the Subang Jaya 2007 run on August 2007. I say ... Bring It On....


yipwt said...

hi Kee Aun,

Thanks for dropping by. For running, you got to consistently train. It's the only way to run further and stronger.

Keep on running...

Jamie said...

run? me run? naaaaaaa....leave to you younger and fitter guys. My brokendown body can't take anymore undue stress....but I like to hang out and watch young girls running..running and running, up and down, left and right..hehehe

Hengster said...

Well done on your good timing!
Going for Subang run?

KA® said...

yipwt: you're welcome

jamie: well u can opt to join us but just walk from the back ... i'm sure there'll be many a sight to behold from the rear view ...

hengster: yes did ....