Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Do You Do To Relax?

Have you ever at a point of time in your life when driving and with no specific destination to go, just step on the pedals and drive around following the flow of the road aimlessly? Why not explore around? I asked myself. A little bit of unplanned mini-adventure in life won't hurt. Crusing along the heart of Petaling Jaya, I felt as though my car was on auto cruise, leading the way around rather than myself having control over it. Well call me crazy but at times this is how i relax myself and not spare a thought for anything else in this world.

Here are some random pictures of the places I ended up while taking my mind off everthing.

Amcorp Mall - Viewed from Taman Jaya.

Radio Cruisers.

Leaking Hydrant.

Ermmm can't remember what it is called.

Fancy living nearby?

A place to relax.

Reflexology anyone?

Siamese Temple.

King Of The Pack.

Give your car a makeover with scratch marks and monkey pooh.

Trapazee artist at work.

Click on the video below to see what this monkey was up to.

Where's my RUM? Acts like Jack Sparrow ain't he?


Prem said...

Where did all the monkeys come from???

Phantasystar77 said...

Interesting pics. I like the monkeys.

Jamie said...

me? I just go for a beer after work at my fav watering hole

Stupe said...

the flowers are Bird Of Paradise.

also known as Ginger flowers la.

KA® said...

prem: it's at Gasing Hill

phantasystarr77: thanks for your compliments ... interesting blog you have there ...

jamie: i don't wanna risk getting a beer belly :)

stupe: wow, at last someone knows ... thanks for the info!

Phantasystar77 said...

Thanks :)

Fei Wen said...

i like this post. A LOT. (^_^)